Intimacy During The First Trimester

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Sprinkles - October 4

Ok... I am about 4 weeks right now and I have not had s_x since the night I got pregnant and I am wondering should I wait to have s_x til after the first trimester?


sarah21 - October 4

I didn't. I had s_x the whole way through just like normally. If you get spotting from it and it freaks you out, then you might want to stop for peace of mind, but s_x is totally safe.


Sprinkles - October 4

Thanks I did it through my first pregnancy years ago but I am so worried this time around I keep avoiding it... I guess maybe I will try and see what happens


kay101 - October 4

Nooooooo have fun! Your s_x drive may increase or decrease. I actually find it better right now, but that may just be because it's for pure pleasure rather than "OK let's get me pregnant!"


Sprinkles - October 4

hhahahaha! I dont know why I worry so much.. ur both right I guess I should just go for it - it only happens once a month anyway hahaha!


kay101 - October 4

Even if you do spot a little afterwards, it's just because your cervix is soft and very sensitive right now. You might get really hormonal and it'll be happening a lot more than once a month lol my husband runs from me sometimes now.


Sprinkles - October 4

hahahaha!!! Well the once a month is not by my choice... he doesn't even know I am pregnant .. when i said this is the ONLY place I talk about being pregnant I meant that very literally lol other then the doctor .. U guys are the only people who know!


kay101 - October 4

I didn't really even know how to tell mine and we were trying. So far he's the only one who knows and it's such a relief to be able to come on here and talk.


Sprinkles - October 4

It is a major relief! I have so many questions and i don't want to tell friends or family yet and I didn't have anyone else to ask - this website is pretty awesome because you are going through it now too so when people tell me it is happening to them too it makes me feel more at ease.


Cevvin - October 5

You dont have to wait, but in my case my s_x drive drives off a cliff when im pregnant. Good luck


eastcoast - October 5

Good to hear your answers, Ladies! I was wondering the same thing. However, my s_x drive has all but disappeared right now :( I'm hoping it will come back soon!!!! So far my husband is the only one who knows about us being pregnant too, so to echo what everyone is saying, I'm sooooooooooo happy to have you to chat with:)


kazforrest - October 5

I have been having s_x 4-5 times a week and now 6 weeks. only had slight spotting once.My s_x drive hasnt reallt changed till now. Spotting is fine but if you do have any bleeding you should stop.


rrc - October 5

On a different note, my friend had a miscarriage, and now is pregnant again. Her doc told her no s_x and no excercise for the first trimester, since she's already had a m/c. Her doc told her there's a hormone in seman that can induce contractions. I asked my doc about this and she confirmed it, but said it's unlikely. That's just if you want to be on the really cautious side. She said if I was worried about it, to just use a condom. Sorry I can't remember the name of the hormone. Anyhow, just thought I'd pa__s that along. Not trying to be a downer, just thought I'd share the info I had so if anyone had heard that you shouldn't have s_x, then they'd know a reason why. Best of luck to everyone! :)



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