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Brooke - March 29

Do any of you just feel like you want to scream. The littlest things just drive me CRAZY and get on my nerves. Its like I'm having my peak PMS day everyday. Anyone else feel the same?


D - March 29

My nerves feel ok these days, I'm just so tired of the morning sickness. However, between week 4 and 5..... Well, lets just say I embarrased myself at work... Thank goodness my boss has forgiven me!


Tigerphoenix - March 29

I normaly have a good deal of stress at my job but these last couple weeks it feels like its gotten worse. I am trying very hard to keep myself clam because if I dont I will start vomitting again. It seems stress and anxiaty is the catulus for me. Im ok as long as I am relaxed but get me stressed and its all over. I have been snapping at people more and being more bold about my comments (which I normaly keep to myself). Its gonna get me into trouble but oh well. BTW I work with all men so just imagin the hell im going through lol


rb - March 29

hi brooke - i've been feeling the same - robyn, stephanie and myself were ranting and raving yesterday in a post called "so sick of everything" - gave us a good laugh so it might help... but yeah, generally, it's pretty much hell and i get pretty p__sed at myself for being in such a c___ppy mood 24/7...


Kelly K - March 29

Yep.. I think we all feel the same. My poor husband is about at wits ends with my mood swings and temper. So now I'm trying to keep quiet when the mood strikes.


lilmum - March 29

TOTALLY! i want to freak about all the little things. Everytime one of the kids rubs my arm a certain way, it irritates the heck out of me. And if i have to watch blue's clue's one more time................................ not too mention the stress im under right now. (morning sickness, work, wedding next month, new baby on the way, quitting smoking, course i'm taking this weekend.. it doesn't end there). I could go for a vacation right now.. and probably for the next seven months!! I just have to remind myself, everything will be fine, no one is out to make my life miserable and it will all end sometime. I have my good days, and i look forward to each and every one of them. it's nice to know i'm not the only one though, i don't feel as guilty everytime i spaz on my poor hubby because his feet stink!


HB - March 29

I agree with you. I teach 4th grade. sometimes i feel sorry for my kids:)


Veronica - March 29

HB I have to agree with you. I am a 2nd grade teacher and I know my patience just isn't what it used to be. I feel sorry for my little guys too.


Kim - March 29

Today's a bad day for me but they usually come and go. At least my husband understands and knows how to handle me by now. And he thought that my PMS was bad....


jodie - March 29

yep...mee too. My man hurt his knee playing in a softball game and he was whining lastnight. It was driving me absolutly nuts. I pulled the covers over my head and had to ignore him. I wanted to mute him. talk about selfish.ha ha ha



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