Is Sprite Ok To Drink While Pregnant

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Trina - September 15

I'm so use to drinking sprite when I have an upset stomach...and was wondering if sprite was ok to drink while being pregnant?


lily - September 15

I don't see a problem, I have been drinking lemonade too, although I get the "diet" to avoid the unnecessary sugar. One of my cravings in my last pg was lemonade and I drank 2-3 litres a day, I couldn't get enough of it, and everything was ok.


Cathy - September 15

Sprite should be ok because it doesn't have any caffiene and as you said it does help settle an upset stomach. Just beware of all the sugar as they are empty calories. Don't get me wrong...I drink it almost everyday to settle my stomach. Just make sure you are still getting your water.


Beth - September 15

Ginger Ale has been my pick, it has less sugar



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