Iui On Saturday And Already Have Symptoms

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crystal74 - June 13

i did my first iui on saturday and now my bbs are sore and my nipples. is it too soon for symptoms? is this a good sign??


Cocozen - June 13

What is iui?


crystal74 - June 13

oh sorry, it is where they take sperm, my husbands, wash it, then stick a catheder up into my uterus and push the sperm up there. this is to bypa__s all the mucus, v____a, cervix and give them a better chance to survive to get the egg. it's a procedure you can do after you've had trouble trying to conceive for over a year.


Cocozen - June 13

Invetro or w/e I saw that on tv =P. Well if it was put directly into you and your eggs were releasing then there is a chance you could be pregnant already. but I thought even when the sperm hits the egg it takes two weeks to offcially become pregnant. Hmm. You should take a test esp if you already have symptoms! That's fantastic if you are! I wish you the best of luck ;]


crystal74 - June 13

i don't know, better not get my hopes up then, huh?!?! i'll try to forget about it and let time pa__s by.


littlenurse73 - June 13

Crystal74 it's possible these are signs for you. For me, before I officially knew I was pg I was having this really odd nipple sensitivity. Strangely enough, my bb's weren't at all sore until around 14 dpo and normally they are about a week or more before af. I think everyone's symtoms are different. Oh yeah I forgot....I had suspicions at 6 dpo because I had a painful sharp shooting pain in my left bb at work. I had never felt such a thing before.


crystal74 - June 13

i keep having a tickling feeling and pulling and pinching down there. i need to knock it off cuz what if a/f comes? then i would have built myself up to thinking i am and i'll break down bad if i'm not. so i just need to knock it off.


SashaP - June 13

I started getting symptomatic a couple days after my IUI. I had a huge temp change. I wasn't able to get my bfp until 15dpiui. I lost the pregnancy at 8w I found out it was twins the day before. Good luck maybe it's twins for you too and that why you already feel it. I will do another iui when I'm able. Keep us posted. Baby dust...


crystal74 - June 13

thanks sashap, and sorry for your loss. are you still trying? we haven't used any fert meds yet cuz my dr. wants me to do three month of IUI's since i O on my own.


crystal74 - June 13

oh i was going to tell you that i have been having cramps on both sides too. so maybe i dropped two eggs. that's what my sister did and gave birth to twins, one boy, one girl. also my temp has suddenly shot up. was 97.7, today it was 98.5 WOAH!!! babydust to me * * * * *


pattford - June 13

were you on clomid? if so, it's side effects mimic pregnancy symptoms.


SashaP - June 14

Crystal the temp shift is a very good sign. I O on my own also but my Dr just wanted to give me a boost. Alot of Dr's like doing clomid with IUI even if you O on your own it has other benefits. I could tell the difference between my clomid side effects and real pregnancy symptoms. I will try again as soon as I get my 1st af. Dh is already trying. But she told me I only had to wait until 1 af. If I don't get pg on my own then she will do another IUI on my 2nd cycle. Good luck I hope you get your bfp!


crystal74 - June 14

no i'm not on any fertility meds.



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