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chezed - April 16

Hi. To cut a long story short i have found out that i am 5 weeks pregnant, although my stomach is massive already i have had to go out today & buy maternity clothes. Here is my dilema my dh & i have been trying for a year and for the past 2 periods they have been very different, much shorter, less bleeding & less pain, they were more like spotting, but at the time i thought nothing of it but now i am wondering if i could be further along than i am?(as i have heard that you can still have periods) has this happened to any other ladies. Please can you respond.


Jessica - April 16

This happened to a friend of mine. She wound up being about 12 weeks further along than she suspected. When is your first doctor's appointment? You might want to call the office and express your concerns to see if you can get in sooner than later.


jenni - April 16

hi! that happened to me! i have had regular periods. though after my last period was over, i started bleeding heavily again 4 days later. it lasted for 7 days. i called my doc and he suggested i take a preg test. it was positive. when i had an ultrasound done i figured i was 4 days pregnant (i was going by my period schedule). i was actually 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant. that's not fair! since then i have not had any more periods, but i have heard of women having periods throughout thier whole pregnancy! sounds like you need to get an ultrasound. good luck! if you were trying to get pregnant, you probably don't have to worry about anything you did before you knew! -jenni


chezed - April 16

Hi. Thanks for your replys, i am just hoping that i am further along than i thought. I am going to give my GP a call & go find out!! Thanks ladies, is there anyone else this has happened to?


anika - May 20

jessica calm down its calmmon in women our age.



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