Light Bleeding And Cramps

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sheena - April 2

Has anyone gone through this yet? I have been having cramps, sometimes quite bad almost like when you have a very heavy period. As well, when I go to the washroom the tissue has a very light pink to bright red to brown color... seems to be different each time. This has been happening on and off for about a week and a half. According to my LMP I should be at approx. 8 weeks but after discussing my symptoms with my doctor and completing an ultrasound yesterday they can only see a sac and said it was too small to determine the gestational age. I am quite worried as I have experienced similar symptoms last year and miscarried in August 2004 after several years of trying to conceive... Has anyone gone through this? At this time the doctor can't seem to tell me anything.... I am extremely worried and feeling quite stressed about it and trying not to....


Mel - April 2

Sheena, I am currently 6 weeks and I started to bleed at 4 weeks so they put me on progesterone and it stopped about 2 days later. Things look really good right now. Are you on progesterone?


Sheena - April 3

Hi Mel, they have not put me on anything... my doctor's office did call me to advise that I need antibiotics because I have a UTI which apparently can cause the bleeding and cramps that I have been having. I have to call back into my doctor's office to find out what my preg. levels are tomorrow and then go from there. I woke up this morning feeling better with no cramps and the bleeding seems to have subsided... but, there is still a worry. I guess its just a waiting game to see what is going to happen. It is quite frustrating... thanks for your response and I think I will discuss your response with my doctor to see what he thinks if the bleeding returns... I wish you lots of luck :)



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