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Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 13

Hi, I just thought I would make this thread, seems like the 3 of us all just had a baby and are pregnant again...I had my daughter August 27th, and I am now 9w 2d pregnant? What about you? Maybe we can talk and share stories. I know y 5month old is a handful and wants everything lol Hope to get to know the two of you better.


Lilee - February 14

Hey Nerdy Girl! Nice to meet you. I had my daughter October 9th - she's 4 months old now - and I am now 5 1/2 weeks pregnant with my second with a due date of Oct. 11th. It's going to be a tough first couple of years, but I'm looking forward to watching them grow up together.


alirenee86 - February 14

Hi Girls!! I responded to Lilee in another chat when I heard she's pregnant too. I'm so glad you reached out!! That's cool the 3 of us are in this together...though we don't know each other! Where do you both live? Just curious. I'm in NJ. Anyway, I'm due Sept 30th, so about 8 weeks pregnant, and JUST had my first November 10th. I know it will be tough, but fun. I'm PRAYING this next baby, whether boy or girl, is as easy as my little Justin. He's such a good amazing baby from everything I hear. Sleeps though the night every night, like 9 hours. Rarely cries. Smiles a lot. Hopefully that stays too. NerdyGirl- are you excited?? Scared?? Nervous??


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 14

I wished my daughter slept all night lol she sleeps 8:00-12:00 then is up every 2 hours after that...She was a colic baby so she was really fussy. But she is extremely happy. She started crawling, lol backwards though. I would like another girl for my daughter, but a boy for my I really don't mind just want a healthy baby. I am more scared then anything. My daughter is bound to me like crazy, she cries if I'm not in her eye sight, she gets mad if Ihave another baby. So Im worried about her handling a new baby. But Im really excited to have them so close in age, although not planned I do enjoy the thought of close siblings


Lilee - February 14

Hey, alirenee86!! Nice to meet you! Sorry, I didn't get back to you in the other thread- I just now checked it. I'll just post in this one instead. My little girl has been an awesome sleeper, averaging about 9 1/2 hours a night. I'm hoping the 2nd one is the same way. Wow, your babies are going to be about 10 1/2 months apart! How exciting! When is your due date, Nerdy_Girl? Mine wasn't planned either...I was nervous at first, but now I'm just really excited, but still scared at the same time. Any of you girls had your first ultrasound yet? I can't wait 'til mine.


Lilee - February 14

One thing that's awesome about being pregnant again is that I've only had one period since last January! Ha!


alirenee86 - February 15

Yes, Lilee- I know about the period! Me too. Will have had one period in in almost 2 years by the time this is all done! But boy, oh boy, did we make up for not having our periods! We had kids instead!! A lot more work than buying tampons each month :):)


Lilee - February 16

Are you ladies showing yet?


alirenee86 - February 16

Still look 2 months pregnant from not losing all the belly weight of the first!! :):) No, not yet. I didn't show last time until way later. You?? I'm SO nausous this time around. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Everyone says it's a girl because of that! I feel it's another boy but who knows! How are you feeling?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 16

Nights are rough lol but its getting better. I don't get my u/s til I am around 20 weeks. Unless something comes up. But for now I am waiting, anxiously that is. I look pregnant, but just because in that time I didn't lose weight at first with my daughter, then when I started to lose weight I ended up pregnant lol...I looked pregnant with my daughter when I was 8w...but this time around I am just big, although I show only because of my daughter. Alirenee-with my daughter I had m/s til 19w. DH wants a boy so he says since it is worse this time we will have a boy. My sister had the worst pregnancies with my two nephews lol...but all in all seems like everything is different with every pregnancy. I hate being sick. Can't wait to be out of the first trimester and hope everything dies down, and the energy hits. My energy never came back with my daughter...........I'm glad tho I can share this with 2 others, I thought I was the only one and some of the looks I get when I tell people I am pregnant again (family) they look at me like "but you just had a baby." I know I did, but at least I am living up to it, you know....oh and I got the epidural, I got induced and it literally screwed up my contractions, they were overlapping so I couldn't take not getting it.


Lilee - February 16

Yea, same here with me too. I still had ~5 lbs that I needed to lose from the first pregnancy, so I'm not really showing yet, I just still look kinda chubby. ;) Oh well. We haven't told anyone yet - we are waiting til we hit the 2nd trimester like we did with our first. I know that I'm going to get that look like "OMG, but you just had a kid", "you guys should've waited longer", but I don't really care what everyone else thinks. As for the epidural, yes, I had it. I was scared of the big needle, too, but when the contraction pain was starting to really kick in, I practically begged for it! Ha! This pregnancy, I'm a bit more nauseous, but not to the point of actually puking yet. I had no morning sickness and no strange cravings with my last pregnancy. We're hoping for a boy, but if it's a girl, then my little girl with have a sister to play with and it'll be so cute!


alirenee86 - February 17

yeah, I had no strange cravings with the lsat either and no sickness at all. I'm waking up around 4am every morning like I could get sick but I don't. Just feel it and it's horrible. I too now feel like I'm looking forward the the 2nd trimester as it's supposed to be easier and I can now appreciate what people go through feeling like this. It's not the worst, just hard when I breezed through all this the first time. Glad to hear about the epi's girls! The anesthesiologists know what they're doing and it'll be fine. Nerdygilrl- why not an u/s until 20 weeks? You've had one already though, right? I thought they all do the first one at around 8 weeks...also, what is m/s that you referred to before? Can't figure that out, sorry. Lilee- we waited to tell everyone with our first. Didn't do it for this one, couldn't help it. So already got most of the comments from everyone out of the way already. People seem very happy for us, except my sister of course. But everyone is glad and says practically the same thing, that you'll get it out of the way and be done.(diapers and bottles and all that). I can't help but think too that it's got to be rough for a few months, but as they get a little bigger, they'll be doing the same things together because they'll always practically at the same stages, right? I'm starting to think that if you know you want more kids, this is the way to do it! Ugh, I'm having my morning cup of coffee right now and though I feel like I have to have it, it's just not working!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 17

m/s is morning sickness...and no I haven't had and ultrasound at all yet. I always figured you would get one early. With my daughter I got mine at 11w 4d, never got one after that...I had to go to the 3D ones to find out she was a girl. With the epidural, I didn't want one did you do it without getting one, I would have literally died.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 17

I didn't have strange cravings either...I couldnt believe that women would crave charcol (sp?) or the taste of something like clorox. I was reading somewhere that women would even crave detergent. Ew! My main craving was mexican corn


alirenee86 - February 18

Well, needless to say...craving corn or any sort is a lot better than Clorox!! I actually heard that very strange cravings like that, usually come where there's a large deficiancy of some sort of vitamin or mineral. I've heard of craving dirt!! One thing that is strange to me as of thiis morning actually, is that I'm smelling stale cigarette smoke!! Everywhere! Neither my husband or I smoke and we didn't have a single person over that smokes and I'm thinking it's all in my head! Maybe because the weather is unusually warm today? I don't know. How did I do without an epidural?? Just when I though I WAS going to die and punched my husband and said, 'I want a f*cking epidural!', the nurse came in, did an internal and said I was 10 cm's and ready to push! Boy was that relief! My entire labor was only 4 hours so it all happned so fast. I dialated something like 6 cm's in 15 minutes. I couldn't have done any longer than that! I moving into the hospital in enough time this time to be sure I have the epi. You must be looking forward to the u/s!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 18

wow 4 hours? I got induced and it took 11 hours...I only pushed for like 5 minutes tho and then had her. I don't think I could go natural. I wanted so bad to go natural but I couldn't do it. I was 4cm for 4 hours too, so I thought I would never get it over with


alirenee86 - February 18

Yeah, if I was in that situation, induced and taking so long, I would have done the same. My contractions came absolutely out of nowhere after walking around a mall for 6 hours prior, and just got stronger and stronger. Came with a vengence around 10pm and I had him at 2:06am after 1 push. So I';m sure for us, the 2nd one will be even easier as they say, but for some reason, ,mabye because I know more now, I'm more nervous than I was the first time sort of going in blind!



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