Low Progesterone And HCG Levels

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Chris - December 20

Is anyone else experiencing low progesterone levels? My HCG levels are doubling, but they have put me on progesterone supplements b/c it was low -- 10 the first time they checked and then 12 the second time which were both before I started the supplements. I'm very hopeful though b/c when I was pregnant with my daughter (who is now 2), my progesterone was only 7.6 and I never took the supplements and she was healthy as can be. We will know for sure on Jan. 3rd that everything is fine b/c I have an ultrasound scheduled. I can't wait! We are going to tell our families on xmas day so I hope everythings continues to go well!


Jessica - December 22

Hi Chris, I just found out last Friday I was pregnant again. I had a m/c back in July at 7 weeks. I had blood work done on Monday and my hcg was 429 and my progesterone was 16.5. I had to go back on Wed to see how things were going and my progesterone dropped to 11.7 but my Hcg tripled. Doctor put me on 100mg 2xs a day of progesterone suppotories. I heard anything under 11 is nt good. I have my first ultrasound next Thursday.


Chris - December 26

Jessica, I think if your HCG levels are more than doubling that everything will be fine. Your progesterone will go up now that you are on the progesterone so just keep thinking positive and I'm sure everything will go well on Thursday. Remember with my first pregnancy my progesterone was only 7.6 and they didn't put me on supplements -- they just wanted to see if the pregnancy would survive on it's own and thank goodness it did! Please keep me posted. I sure wish my ultrasound was this week, but I have to wait until next Tuesday! Ugh! I do have some of the typical pregnancy symptons - sore b___bs and I have to pee all the time - so I'm trying to stay positive!


Jessica - December 28

I went in this morning to have my progesterone level looked at, after a week on suppotories. I went from 11.7 to 17.8 so things are going in the right direction. Have ultrasound tommorow!!


Chris - December 28

Please let me know how everything goes tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you and praying you get good news! I'm about to crazy and can't believe I still have to wait until Tuesday for my ultrasound -- time is just standing still -- I hate the waiting game!


Jessica - December 29

I had my ultrasound today and they saw a gestional sac and yolk, I'm only 5wk 4days. I measured out at 5wks 6days and that's good news. It implanted well and high in the uterus were they like to see it. The tech said it's probaly just a few days early to see heartbeat. When I had my m/c back in July I had spotting and a abnormal shaped gestional sac. I will have another one next week, so it's just the waiting game. The tech did say all looks well for how far along I am and that it looks positvie. How far along are you?


Chris - December 29

I'm so glad everything went well today. I know that was a huge relief and next week will be even more comforting once you get to see the heartbeat. I'm 6 weeks and 3 days so when I go for my ultrasound on Tuesday I'll be 7 weeks and 1 day so I should definitely be able to see a heartbeat if all is going well! I haven't had any spotting or cramping either, but do you know if the progesterone supplements keep you from spotting or cramping? I think it keeps you from having your period so for some reason I'm afraid that I could be having a miscarriage and not having the sypmtoms just b/c I'm on the progesterone. I wish miscarriages weren't so common -- then maybe I wouldn't worry so much. I think it's b/c both of my sisters have each had one and my sister-in-law had three so I guess I just don't understand why I would be the lucky one to not have to go through it. Did I tell you that I we told our family xmas eve we were expecting and my sister announced she is also pregnant -- due on Aug. 28th -- our kids will hopefully be a week or so apart! The ironic thing is that this is both of our second pregnancies and we both have girls who are 7 weeks apart. She is my identical twin sister (I'm a triplet) so it's kind of neat that both pregnancies we have gone through together! Well, I hope the weekend goes by quickly and I'll let you know how things go on Tuesday. What day is your ultrasound next week?


elizabeth - December 30

Hi everyone- had my first positive test tues ( 27th) I work in a dr's office so a quan. was drawn. It was only 33- I should technically be about 4-5 wks. The dr said she was supprised a urine test already showed positive. ( because my level was so low ) This is my first pregnancy- is this level to low for 5wks pregnant?


Jessica - December 30

Chris you will have to let me know how it goes Tuesday. I wouldn't worry about the suppotories, from what I read people say they are a god send and they would have not been able to have a full tern pregnancy any other way. My husband is 26 and had 11 year old triplet brothers. His mom had 2 boys and wanted a girl--she got three more boys natural!! Hope all goes well Elizabeth congrats!!! When got my HCG quanitive checked at 4wks 3days it was 429 and tripled two days later. If you are only in your 4th week 33 might not be low, it's just important that it doubles. If you look on the internet you can see the normal ranges for the week you might be in. The range from like 2-600 for the 4th week, so you are probably just fine!!!Keep us posted!


Jessica - December 30

Just recieved a call from the doctors office and my Ob looked at the ultrasound and all my blood work and says I don't need another ultrasound right now. He feels things look good. I have my Ob appointment on the 27th of Jan. I'll be almost 10 weeks.. I might call and see if I can't get it moved up just a week earlier. I understand having an ultrasound already is better then none. Most women don't get their first one intill around 12 weeks so I will wait like everyone else and just a__sume I'm having a normal pregnancy. I have had so much blood work and stuff like that, it will be nice to relax and just wait. But I will wonder everyday intill I have another ultrasound!!! I do have my nurses conference on the 18th of Jan. I guess that's were they go through all you histroy and stuff like that. They wouldn't schedule one intill things looked good, so that's nice. Talk to you later


Chris - December 30

Elizabeth -- HCG levels rise the further along you are so I'm sure things will be fine. My levels were 106 at 4 weeks, 206 at 4 weeks and 2 days and then 990 at 5 weeks. Hope that helps! I would just have your levels checked again and if they double every 2-3 days then you can try and relax and just a__sume everything is going ok!


Chris - December 30

Jessica, I think it's probably good news that you don't have to go back until 10 weeks -- that means everything is going well. I would try and relax and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. I'm going to do the same thing (I know it's easier said than done) if I get a good report on Tuesday. I had an early ultrasound at like 7 weeks with my daughter and once I saw the heartbeat and they rea__sured me that everything looked good I actually stopped worrying so hopefully I can do that again! I'm not sure when they will see me next after my apt. on Tuesday. I was wondering the same thing! Have a great New Year's and I'll talk to you next week.


Chris - January 3

Jessica, I just wanted to give you an update -- we had the ultrasound this morning and everything went great. We saw the heartbeat and even got to hear it -- it was 133. I'm measuring right on schedule and I don't go back for 4 weeks! I really feel like now I can relax and enjoy my pregnancy! Talk to you soon!


Jessica - January 4

Chris Congrats on the heartbeat!!!! I will see my doctor on the 24th of this month. Moved it up a little early because work schedule. Talk to you later


snowpea - January 15

Hello out there! My name is Emily. I have an 11 month old beatiful baby girl, Fiona. Well, I got a positive pregnancy test on January 1st - then for the next 2 1/2 days I had bleeding - not too heavy but enough to wear a panty liner & it was red. So, of course - I freaked out. I haven't had any pain yet - othert han a mild cramp here & there. [I had a mc @ 3 1/2 years ago - which was EXTREMELY painful & quite gory.] I went to the doctor's office on Wednesday the 4th - they took blood. My progesterone was 3.8, hCG 48. Two days later, on Friday the 6th - they took it again & my progesterone was 5.8 & hCG 115. I had blood taken a 3rd time but they only tested for hCG (don't know WHY didn't test progesterone??) & it was 307. So, the good news was that my hCG was almost tripling every 48 hours. Bad news - my progesterone had been REALLY low. They also did an ultrasound & said they didn't *see* anything - but thought it may be too early or that my hCG needed to be at least 2000. Doctor put me on Prochieve progesterone suppositories - which I have been *taking* for 6 days now. My next u/s & blood work is in 2 days & I am a nervous wreck to say the least! I WANT this baby but if it isn't meant to be - I want it over. I am scared b/c my b___bs do not hurt & I don't have to pee all the time like I did with my daughter. I am rambling now I think . . . Just wanted you to know - you are DEFINATELY not alone! I'll say a prayer for you & all the ladies who have this issue to deal with. It is NOT easy.


Bhavana Manga - January 17

hi, i just found out that im pregnant on the 14th of jan. i had a m/c the same time last year and its been hell concieving again. im real scared this time around as my progesterone levels are low at 8.9 and hcg is 267 . the second time i tried my progesterone had fallen further to 8.6, this is after taking supplememnts for 48 hrs. my hcg on the other hand tripled so the doctor seemed to be relaxed. she is putting me on prog shots from tomorrow and im really nervous. i dont think i can go thro the mental trauma of a m/c again. pls help if others have been thro a similar situation .


Becca D - January 17

Hello Girls - It seems right now that everyone is doing good. Good News. I too have had two miscarriages...they believe is the result of low progesterone. I do have a wonderful 6 y/o son and had no complications with him. Well with this one, they took my progesterone level 7 days past ovulation (so before we even knew I was preggy) my progesterone was only 4.5 so doc said to stop prochieve supplements, b/c he didn't see that I could be pregnant from those levels indicating such poor ovulation. Well I didn't listen and continued taking the prochieve, just in case this was the month....I had only 3 days until AF was due. So I waited, took a test and low and behold it was positive. Took my progesterone levels again and they were at 21, then a few days later 28....so basically prochieve saved this pregnancy. I'm 12 1/2 weeks so far...and will continue the procheive until week 14. I've seen the baby quite a few times and have heard the h/b several times. I even rented a fetal doppler so I could listen to the baby's h/b at home every night if I wanted. It's been wonderful so far. Good luck ladies.



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