Lucky And Ekay Where Are You Hiding Today

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Beth - February 10

are you guys out there?


Lucky1 - February 10

Hi Beth, I just logged on, How are you today, I'm usually on here from 8am, but I got caught up downloading all of the programs that I had on my old computer onto my new one. How ar4e you????


Beth - February 10

I am good. . .VERY tired :0(, trying to stay awake, even though it is extremely busy here at work its not helping, and I am getting snappy at the users, haa haa. I want to go home to bed but I am supposed to go to a friends house for a bbq.


Lucky1 - February 10

I am tired too, I'm ready to go home, I got two hours left. I am going the salon when I get off so I won't be able to go to sleep until later.....I need some energy!!


ekay - February 10

I have been driving around measuring houses and trying not to fall asleep at the wheel. Talk about horomones-my mom is menopausal and decided to take it out on me last night. Not a good idea when your messing with a pregnant person. I let her have it back. I mean she is really off her rocker with this menopause stuff and she has been jumping my case for a long time. I didn't hold back last night about anything...all the way back to my childhood. She was just kinda looking at me like "holy c___p". Husband still doesn't have a job and I am about to strangle him. I feel like I am holding his hand and pushing him through all this. That's a whole nuther story. I just need to sleep and stop eating so much. How much weight have you guys gained anyways. Not sure here, but when I went at 6w5d I hadn't gained, but I haven't checked since then. I gained 60 with my son and just when I got my skinny little body back, I got pregnant with my daughter (40 lbs with her). Well I am really screwed this time because I am carrying about 20 of those 40 lbs still. I have to be really careful.


Lucky1 - February 10

I have a scale right here at work, but I am afraid to get on it!! I don't want to know how much I've gained already, I might get


Beth - February 10

I feel you on the trying not to fall asleep. . .people talk to me on the phone and I daze out and am like "huh what ok" haa haa. I don't know that I have gained, I have only been to my dr twice and when I went for the second visit they did not say anything about me gaining yet.


Beth - February 18

good morning ladies are you here today??


Lucky1 - February 22

Hey girls, I wa__s out sick Friday and Monday, But I'm Baaaack!! LOL :o))


Beth - February 22

Well good morning and glad to hear you are feeling better!! I had yesterday off as a holiday!



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