M S Gone At 7 Weeks

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Lisa - March 3

I'm 7 weeks and have had nausea all day every day for the past week. Yesterday afternoon i noticed it had gone and i didn't have it through the night. This morning i feel a little bit queesy but better than it has been - should i worry that this symptom has gone or has this happened to anyone else?? Your thoughts are appreciated xx


Sarah - March 3

Hi Lisa, I should'nt worry too much. From what I understand symptoms can come and go. I'm 6 weeks and my nausea comes and goes as do my sore b___sts! One minute they feel relly heavy and every part of the hurts and then hours later they are only slightly tender. I know it's hard not to worry about every little thing that is happening to us at the moment - but then our hormones are making us feel anxious, it's only natural! Just try and relax and have a little faith, and try and enjoy being pregnant. :)


Lisa - March 3

Thanks Sarah. Think i may have spoen too soon - i'm starting to feel nauseous again! Ifi don't eat often i feel sick and even though i had 2 pieces of toast 2 hours ago i feel sick and hungry again now! Hopefully i worried over nothing (again!) Thanks anyway xxx


Sarah - March 3

Hi Lisa, I feel most nauseous when my stomach is empty too! I feel hungry most of the time, but just don't feel like eating. There seems to be nothing I want to eat right now except bananas have become my new best friend! :)


Lisa - March 3

for me its jacket potatos and cheese! I also feel worst when my stomach is empty and a bit better after food. Anyone eslse getting m/s in the morning and heartburn in the afternoon??


citrouille - March 3

I get heartburn in the morning when I wake up.. guess I eat too late and the food stagnates in my stomach! I tend to feel icky in the morning but get m/s any time of the day whenever my stomach is empty. If I'm tired in the morning I tend to feel sick as well. I've also noticed that I tend to burp and have hiccups a lot!! (kind of embarra__sing!!) has anyone else noticed that?


Sarah - March 3

I wake up in the morning sick with hunger, as a result of this I feel very tired until I eat something. I get heartburn in the evenings too and get quite windy! Very embarra__sing! LOL! Mmmm I quite fancy a jacket potato for my lunch!


Heidi - March 3

Mine came and went. At 6.5 wks I thought it was gone. I was wrong!


Nicki - April 7

I don't know. I'm only i guess if you want to be technical 2 wks into my pregnancy even though I conceived i'm positive on the 8th of mar. but mine comes and goes. I have moments when the sight of food makes me gag and times when I can get enough. You know, I love potatoes now too. Thought it was just me. :)


lisa h - April 7

i am now teen weeks.....my was really bad at 8 and nine weeks. i would love to see it gone and stop gaging at every little thing. good luck!! I just hate to be in public and be throwing up.



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