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praying4amiracle - May 25 11:01am

Did your areola look like its spreading, kind of like the color is running. All I can think of to discribe it is like when some colors get wet the run.

meghanlee - May 28 12:04pm

yes, when I was pregnant with my son I had very large areolas and they also got VERY dark

SoloGirl - June 30 8:51am

My nipples/areola are turning from a pink color to brown, and it seems like the areola is getting bigger.

glittergirl03191976 - July 7 12:04pm

This is funny, I just realized that my areola's are spreading as well and getting darker and for some reason my nipples are more pointy. My husband said that my b___sts looked bigger but I never took the time to notice the areola's until now. Thanks for the info. lol

kdenney - July 8 12:39pm

mine are getting darker... but something else... right around the nipple they are really dry and look like they are peeling... normal?

TurnerBabyCraze - July 11 8:42am

I am almost 8 weeks and my nipples have gotten wayyyy lighter.. they h ave gotten bigger though.. anyone experienced that?


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