Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound

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Heidi - April 5

I had this done yesterday at Mayo to rule out Downs Syndrome and they said everything looked great. I'm one week ahead of what I thought so now I'm 12 wks 3 days and my due date was moved to Oct 15th instead of the 20th. They asked if we wanted to know the s_x and we said we did. She said she was 60% sure it was a girl, but it's so early that she could be wrong, but she was pretty sure. She said the next ultrasound will be more accurate. We got pics printed out. I just had to share my experience with you ladies! It was so facinating seeing it moving in there. She had to jiggle my tummy a bit to get it to flip around so she could see it better. It did a somersault onto it's head! Seeing it for the first time made the whole pregnancy become more real. It's my first one so it's starting to set in more!!!!!


Kim - April 5

Congratulations, Heidi! I go for this on 04/22 when I will be about 12.5 weeks. Your experience sounds great and I am so happy to hear that things are going well!


Mythili - April 5

Congrats Heidi!


Heidi - April 5

Thanks! I was having so much fun watching the monitor that I forgot what we were there for until they said everything looked fine. So I got a nice early ultrasound out of the deal anyway and one less thing to worry about! Good luck on yours Kim!


D - April 5

Congratulations! Now we have the same due date :-) I'm still a little jealous of your m/s going away earlier than mine! Actually, this week I'm starting to feel better more consistently. When is your next u/s? Oh, so exciting....


Heidi - April 5

I don't know when I get another one. This was a screening so I probably won't get another one till 20 wks or whatever my midwife thinks I should have one. I want to ask at my next appt. Actually my m/s has kind of come back to haunt me! Not real bad, but enough to know it's there. I feel a little nauseated sometimes and I've been tired again. Not as much, but I'm in bed earlier again but it's not every night. So it's slowly getting better. Not enough to really bother me anymore unless I try to stay up late!


D - April 5

Sorry about it coming back.... mine has done that twice now... Funny thing, I felt good on weekends (when I could get outside more) and worse at work - which my husband insists is stress related. So far, this has been the best work week yet! A nurse brought me a huge bag of lollipops. They help - but I'm going to end up with a sugar high if I don't be careful! I really think I must be getting better though! Next weekend - 2nd Trimester!


Heidi - April 6

D - I eat a lot of suckers at work when I feel cruddy. I too feel better on the weekends and worse at work. I think it's stress too but now this week I feel fine. Once in a while I feel a little sick and usually more tired but I've been out walking now that spring is finally here and that makes it easier to ignore the nausea. Mornings are much better too. I can just get up and go and not feel sick and tired all morning. Unfortunately I still have a can of Mt. Dew in the morning but it keeps me going. I can't resist it.



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