Pinkish Peach Discharge

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gemini_star1983 - February 22

has anyone ever had this? i'm around 7 weeks pregnant and it only appears when i wipe in the morning.....i'm very scared something might be wrong.



tiff77 - February 23

Hi Gemini,
What you are experiencing sounds like some spotting. I would contact your DR. just to make sure everything is ok. I had spotting with my two previous pregnancies and all went on to be fine. I am now about 6 weeks along, and am having spotting again, but it is light or sometimes dark brown, and has been going on for about 4 days. I went to the DR. and they did a blood test to check hormone levels. At this point I feel things can go either way for me, that is why I say if your spotting keeps up or you have any pain that seems odd, contact your DR. At least then you will hopefully know what is going on. Hope all goes well!


emilymalm - February 23

I just noticed a very light tinge of pink when I wiped a few minutes ago. It's barely noticable and I'm not having any cramping. This is the first bit of any color I've noticed since I found out I was pregnant. I'm 6 wks 3 days.


chandellina - February 24

hi ladies, i have had some yellow/peach/sand-coloured CM since Tuesday, when i wipe, and once on knickers, and it is naturally scaring me. (I miscarried at 8w in Oct. though never had any spotting along the way, just lost my symptoms 3 wks before that.)
Last night I was convinced i was miscarrying because i felt something like period/lower back pain. today i seem fine though with just a slight tinge of the brownish cm, and nausea seems to finally be kicking in. (my b___bs are still very sore too.) Marie, has it continued since you posted? did you check with your dr? I am going for an ultrasound Tuesday. i'm 6w 2d today. all the best ...



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