Pregnant But Not Tired At All

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Sue - September 14

I just found out I am pregnant. 4 weeks today. Everyone tells me I should feel exhausted but I don't. I have a lot of energy. Does this mean there is a problem? You are suppossed to be tired because your body is working very hard creating a baby - even at this early stage. I had a m/c in Feb (etopic) and had no signs of fatigue then so I am scared. Please help!


Nicole - September 14

Hi, Sue-I am 6wks. today and I don't feel anything except mild soreness in my b___sts. I asked my doctor today and he said that the"peak" of symptoms are usually around 8 wks. But then again, everyone is different. We may be even the lucky ones not to suffer from prego symptoms, so I wouldn't wish too hard for them:-)


Sue - September 15

Thanks Nicole - It is nice to know I am not the only one who feels fine! Congratulations on your pregnancy and best of luck to you!


bean - September 15

Sue - I'm about 8 wks.. in the beginning (4 wks) I was fine, but as the days went on I just got more and more exhausted. Now I can barely stay awake all day, and I sleep 12 hours a night. It's not just tired, it's like this feeling of I don't even want to get out of my chair! I hope you don't get it.... but if you do, it probably won't start for another week or so... Good luck!


Anna - September 15

I'm 5 1/2 wekks along and I'm fine most of the day, but get really tired in the evening. I'm, also, surprised I haven't had more s/s. If you start getting more s/s, they will probably start in the next few weeks. Hope everything goes well for you!


Jay - September 15

I'm 6 wks and have only had sore b___sts. I don't like the "peak at 8wks" b/c that is the week I go back to school fulltime. I work fulltime and go to school in the evenings, might be a little difficult if I can't stay awake and I'm puking! :) I'll just hope for the best for all of us "non-symptomers".



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