Question HCG Level At 4 Weeks LMP

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Elda79 - May 25

Hello - My name is Elda and I am concerned about my hcg level. I am 4 weeks and 6 days at the moment and I had a blood test done last Friday - I was only 4 weeks at the time of the test. My level appeared to be 577. Isn't that high for 4 weeks? I went in yesterday for another follow up blood test and I am waiting for the result. Has anyone had high hcg at 4 weeks? Any thought/opinion would be highly appreciated. Thank you and God bless you and your baby!


Cady - May 25

Hi there Elda! Well, when my fetus was 2 weeks old (i was 4 weeks though) my HCG level was 208. She said that was normal for being 2 weeks pregnant (which I think she meant 4 weeks since the bloodwork was taken 14 dpo, the day af was due. I actually didn't know you were supposed to add 2 weeks the fetus age. Did you know that? Otherwise, I know there is a problem with low HCG levels, but haven't heard of problems with too high. Sorry.....let us know how the blood test yesterday went. BTW, when is your due date? Mine is Jan 25. Talk to you later!


Elda79 - May 25

Hey Cady :) it's actually better to talk here rather than on signs of pg thread - I feel bad for those who are ttc'ing. Well, I don't know anything about hcg level - I did an online research and from what I understood mine it's a little high than the normal. I will have an answer by tomorrow I guess - I just worry for every single anormal thing. I am due January 26 (if my calculations are correct) and I am 4 weeks and 6 day today. i just pray that we have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Later...


Lala - May 25

Hello, at 17 dpo (4wks 3 days) my level was 999! That was just yesterday. At 15 dpo it was 426. It's nothing to worry about. High numbers are healthy. It's only that it can (but not at all for sure) indicate twins. Don't worry; low numbers are what you might worry about. best to you all and your little ones!


Elda79 - May 26

Thank you Lala for your response. I really appreciate it. It comforts me to know that your level was 426 at 4 weeks and one day. How far along are you now? Did you hear the heart beat yet? Tell us more about your journey


Elda79 - May 26

Ok - I just got a call from the doc's office and she said that my level at 4 weeks and 5 days was 5749. She also said that it looks good and I should not be worried about anything right now. I scheduled my first appointment on the 15th of June (I'll be 7 weeks and 6 days by then) - I think I might go for an u/s before that though. I don't know - I'm sooo excited:) How are you guys holding up? Any symptoms yet?


Lala - May 26

I'm now 4 wks 5 days (5 days late). I will get an ultrasound at 6+weeks. I think they just want to make sure my jelly-bean is in the uterus since I have PCOS. That's okay because it'll be neat to see the little jelly-bean! So far, few symtoms including bb soreness (but different soreness than pms--it's like burning feeling esp. in the mornings), decreased appet_te, urinary frequency. Not much. But what scares me is that the symptoms usually start suddenly with a vengance at 6 weeks. I hate vomiting. Oh well, we'll see. So, no, I haven't heard the heart beat yet. Usually, you can't hear it with the doppler until after 10 weeks. But you can with the US sooner.*******Wow, your number sound great! What are your symptoms?


Elda79 - May 26

Hey Lala - I’m glad to hear that you are doing well. I don’t really have any symptoms yet except for decreased appet_te and frequent peeing (ohh I also have increased appet_te for bd’ing lol). But, no nausea or whatsoever yet. My midwife suggested that I go for a transv____al u/s when I am 6 + weeks but I don’t know. I had one trans. u/s before and it hurt like hell – it was just before I had the m/c back in October so I am scared a little. Are you getting a trans. u/s – if you are please let me know how it goes. I am 7 days late today  I hope I don’t see any blood until next February… I wish you both all the best and have a great weekend – Happy memorial day!!!


Cady - May 27

Hey Lala and Elda! Glad you're both holding up well. Me, this is the first morning that I feel like c___p. Kinda dizzy and upset stomach. I'm off to yoga cla__s anyway. Hope I don't regret it! So Elda, yes, let's do chat here, on your thread. I too felt kinda weird discussing pregnancy on the other thread. I did just post over there that I'm waiting for my blood test results from yesterday. My doc told me to wait and get an appointment with the midwife (they work with the university hospital here) around 8 or 9 weeks, which wuld be great since i'm leaving for vacation in a few weeks and won't be back til then. You levels sound good, btw! I'm so excited for your ultrasound! Both of you! I know what you mean about wanting to see the little bean in there, to rea__sure you that it's real. Hey, it this both of yours first child? It is mine. How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? I'm 33. And am 5 weeks 2 days today. Lala, I hate throwing up too. I hope that doesn't kick in anytme soon!!!!! Have a great day!


Elda79 - May 29

Good morning Cady and Lala. Happy memorial day :) How are you doing today? I am 27 years old and today I am 5 weeks and 3 days :) I can't wait to start getting big, throwing up and feeling miserable :) Cady let me know what your levels are ok? I'm soooo excited for us:) When do you think we'll start showing?


Elda79 - May 29

oh and yes, this will be my first baby - we have been married for 4 years now


Cady - May 30

Hi Elda! We've been married 4 years, too! So my doctor just called. Get this: she said my levels were 13,000!!!!!! And I am 5 weeks and 5 days today, but only 5 weeks 1 day when she tested me. You thought your levels were high??? Jeez! She said they were excellent, though. I guess I won't worry about it. I have to tell you, I feel sick to my stomach. It started Saturday. Not puking sick, just food aversions, and extreme hunger coupled with gas. Lovely. But I'll take it. : ) How are you feeling?


Cady - May 30

Hey, you should come over to the "Anyone due around Jan - join in!!!" thread posted by hayleyc. There's lots of newly pregnant woman over there!!! : )


Elda79 - May 30

Hey Cady - I'm glad you're feeling sick (lol-hahahaha). I'm in the same boat. Started throwing up last night. I keep farting all day - it's sooo embarasing. Your level sounds great. Talk to ya later:)


Lala - May 30

Hello ladies: Today I am 5 wks 2 days!! Yeah for all of us! If anything, my few symptoms have decreased. My appet_te is starting to come back. BB slightly sore still. No real nausea yet--but they say that starts suddenly at 6 wks. ***Elda*** Yes, I'm sure it will be a trans-v____al US this early. That's too bad it hurt you so much; I wonder why. I've had one before for non-pregnant pelvic pain. The US didn't hurt at all. Trans-v____al is the only way to get a good look at the uterus until it's starts growing more. I'll try and let you know how it goes. Mine will be next week. How is everyone doing? sounds like the morning sickness is getting to alot of you.


Lala - May 30

My US is scheduled for next Thursday (6 wks 4 days). I'm sure they'll want to change my EDD/weeks & days gestation based on the measurments. So, we'll see. I'm anxious now to see if everything looks good.


Elda79 - May 31

good morning ladies! How are you? I slept for straight 14 hours last night. I don't know what's wrong with me - all i want to do is sleep. I feel tired and sleapy all the time. Lala I am so excited for you - I'm sure you'll be relieved after the u/s. Let us know what the outcome is ok? Cady how are you?



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