Sac And No Yolk

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Mariefe - April 5

Hello January, i joined your forum because i had a very semilar problem as you last end of the year. When i had my first ultra sound at 5 wks 2 days we only saw a sac but no yoc. I did not understand why but the only thing the gynae said, i want to see u again in two weeks. After having the second ultra sound, the gynae told me again that shell see me again after two weeks as sometimes the fetus does catch up to grow fast and and hope will be able to see it already. After two weeks stll sac was only seen and after 2 more weeks i started bleeding and ended up in normal miscarriage. I keep my fingers crossed for you.. i hope it wont happen to you and sooner you will be able to see your little bean. After my loss in November and sadness.. now im happy to say that im pregnant again of already 8 weeks and the fetus is already present with hb. .... lots of hugs and baby dust for you.


January - April 5

Thanks Mariefe, I posted an update on Tues. I went for an independent ultrasound on Tues and my sac had grown to 12mm and I saw my lil bean measuring 4mm which is all right on considering I was 6wks exactly. Still no hb really.. we thought we saw the flutter a few times but their u/s machine wasn't very hi-tech and we couldn't measure it. I was OK with that.. I have another u/s this coming monday at the hosp. Thanks for stopping in.



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