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Kira - January 13 7:11am

It started last night, kind of an achy feeling in my legs. I'd compare it to 'growing pains' when ur a kid. Its both legs and its unpleasent to stand for long period, or to sit if i think about it. I read somewhere that its the uterus growing and pushing on nerves connected to ur legs. Anyone else? Oh and im 10weeks.

nik - January 16 1:57pm

that happend to me during my 4th week. Right around the time I found out I was expecting, my legs would get really sore. It felt like I just ran a marathon and I couldnt stand anymore. I felt like my legs were going to give out underneath me. I, also, jumped online and looked for info on it and couldnt find much. I figured it had to have something to do with the pregnancy because Ive never felt it before.

Cheryl - January 18 4:27am

yep experiencing that now read if it happens rest feet against wall and push (havent tried it yet), sometimes the pain is in my left leg only and its like it seizes up and i cant do anything to relieve it....i notice nowadays im walking with a slight limp coz both legs are now giving me problems. Im 17 weeks.

carol23 - January 19 8:56am

i'm 7 weeks and i know what you mean. I think. IT's only my left leg though. My knee sometimes feels like it's going to give out. IT does feel like a just ran a marathon. Also, my legs have been bruising soooooo easy. Any little bump into anything will give me a big bruise. I think it has something to do with the extra blood flow.

divinelibra - January 21 10:00pm

thank goodness i found this site!!!!! i can't be more than 4 weeks and i havent been able to see my doctor yet. i thought it was just me...ive caught myself limping a few times from the soreness in my legs. ive never heard of this before. good to know its not just me!

yourtrish - January 31 4:17pm

Ok seriously, this is one of those symptoms that no one tells you about. My legs are driving me insane. I'm 9weeks and I constantly feel like I need to run a marathon, but with my morning sickness and fatigue, I can barely get off the couch. I have no idea what to do except take long hot baths which seem to take a little of the edge off for the pain ...

EM - February 1 6:41pm

EASY SOLUTION LADIES!!!! Eat one banana a day and take a calcium suppliment. This stopped my leg cramps almost immediately with my first pregnancy. I'm 12 weeks with this one and so far have not had this but I REMEMBER IT WELL!

katt76 - February 1 6:51pm

OMG. I thought I was crazy my legs kill me and my tail bone and I am only 7 weeks!! Guess it is one of those things no one tells you about!!

jons_l3al3y_gurl - August 27 2:46pm

my legs are extremely sore... my muscles feel really tight ... like i just had a good run...everytime i have to walk up the steps it about kills me!

yaas - August 27 5:03pm

hi everyone i am 12w3d and i have this pain too, it started at week4-5 and i still have it and sometime it gets worse but i asked my doc and we can't do anything about it. i read somewhere tat bananas help because of the pottasium. so you may try it i just bught some, just to see if it works or not.

mira - August 30 7:31am

man, im going thru the exact same thing & i was so worried yesterday! dh was siting reasurring me while rubbing it for me lol. it was just my right leg, and it felt like its either gona cramp or go numb.. good to hear that its normal!!


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