Stretching Uterus Question

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wyssa - September 22

can anyone decribe what it feel like when your uterus stretches I have been feeling this pain generally on my left side of my abdomen and I was just wondering if its something to worry about, im 9 weeks 2 days. Any advice would be great thanks.


kay101 - September 22

I would say it's more of a twinge than a cramp. It's always just in one spot, and alternates sides.


ChattyKathy - September 23

It feels like a menstrual cramp, but not as painful. You may feel it when you move to fast, if you wait too long before you urinate, if you're laying on your side, anything. I doubt that by nine weeks an ectopic is something you should worry about. You'd know by now. For now, I think what you are describing is probably ligament pain in that area. Your ligaments have to stretch and make room for growing baby, too =)


Chris1975 - September 23

Mine felt nothing like a menstrual cramp. They either felt like a st_tch (like after you run for too long!), or else twinges and tug sensations. I usually get more on one side (right) than the other , but sometimes they shift :) The sensations came and went with me, some days would feel like they were happening a lot, somedays nothing.


sarah21 - September 24

I had both. I had menstrual like cramps, I had pulling sensations, and I also had pains similar to ovulation pains. I am one of the weirdos who feels ovulation (ouch!) and every once in a while it feels like I'm ovulating again. Now I definitely feel more of a tugging.


joely - September 24

Im going on 8 weeks and have the same pains. Though they are irritating and yes I too feel like something is wrong I am told its all your bodys normal stretching to get ready for the growing baby. Is this your first pregnancy too?


Cevvin - September 26

sounds like round ligament pain, totally normal



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