The Ones That Make You Burp The Horsepills Amp The Reg Multi

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LadyBoleyn1 - June 13

Goodmorning. Hope you ladies don't mind now and again to start a new thread as opposed to talking of a new topic in an old subject, that may not get much attention because the 'subject'. I am sitting here, took off from work and left multivitamins there. I'm in a bind as to what to take until Monday when I return. I've been taking them(400 mg Folic included in them) before and now that I am PG. I spoke w/GY yesterday who advised start taking the natals! I have two here (that I can take at least until i go back to work Mon. and its a good time to try them.. I had planned to take my reg. multis until I see the "OB"GY in July, hoping she will give me a magic prescrip for good natals). Anyways the ones I have here are: Prenatal Elite(which i tried while ttc and I burped some sort of burnt taste and some fishy taste- YUCK.. and I have a primacare one, sample. They are purple and pretty BUT HUGE like horse pills. I've never seen such a big pill. My friend swears by them and says to suck them up but how the h__l can I do that. They are HUGE. So I don't know what to do as a subsit_titue for this weekend. I will feel guilty waiting until July for the magic pill from my OB also so maybe now more than ever I should try to conquer swallowing the rock. Any auggestions? I suppose I am hoping for magic opinions that I should wait till Monday and stick with my tiny One a Days which are "okay" for now. LOL.


LadyBoleyn1 - June 13

I've been scanning through some of the discussions here and haven't read a current one on the pills so if anyone has been talking about them, and I've missed it.. sorry =( ... so here is to getting this discussion started. Thanks in advance!


HeavenisMine - June 13

Ha ha Oh prenatal vitamins. I hated the big old horse pills, they weren't purple but they made me sooo sick. I take one a days right now, simply because I haven't found a prenatal vitamin I can stomach. They still make me kind of queasy but I am sure they'll be fine till you can get on a regular prenatal vitamins. I also take a folic acid supplement to make sure there's a little extra in there. If you do try the pill make sure to drink it with tons of water or milk and put a little saddle on it. Giddiyup!



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