Ultersound Did Not Show Baby But Showed Thicked Uterus Help

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milissa - September 19

I had an ultersound down becaus for the last 6 weeks I have had all the signs, I' ve been pregnant befor so I know. They did'nt say they saw anything, but my uterus is thicked meaning pregnancy. I think I might be 10 weeks and at the time they did the ultersounds I was 8 weeks. I had a transvagil and sonogram. what do you think? Dont you think they would have seen the baby. I 'am going to a regular doctor not an ob/gyn? HELP


milissa - September 21



milissa - September 21

I think I miscalculated I was 5 weeks at the time of ultersound And I believe I maybe 7 now.


AJ - September 28

When I had my u/s, I beleived i was around 6 weeks...but I saw nothing but a utreus thickening....I was worried but doctor told me that i might be very early. During my next ultrasound, a week apart, i found a ges. sac measuring 5w2d. So clearly, i ovulated later than i thought and the implantation also took place very late in my case. So dont worry this is common. But if u are 8 weeks and didnt see anything, i would get a second opinion!


milissa - September 28

Thank you AJ- I'm not realy sure anymore because i try to figure it out but my periods are so irregular but always last 7 days. and they come every month somewhere between 28-40 days no matter what? I have an ultersound on october 19th month from the last one. I still feel pregnant big time! test - some + so I have to wait till then. with my first it came up at 2 months and I WAS SICK!!! dont realy have that,but hungry, gas, heartburn BAD, constipation!, and my b___bs hurt, the veins on my niiples sre so easy to see all the way up me b___bs O my nipples look like they need to be sucked!?! hha hhee so I'll let ya all know what happens then.THANKS



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