Varying HCG Levels

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Michele - December 20

I am 6 weeks pregnant and my HCG levels have increased, but have not doubled every 2 days. This is what they have been: 12/7 - 150 12/9 - 175 12/11 - 431 12/13 - 575 12/15 - 1100 12/17 - 1700 The ultrasound shows a sac & yolk in the uterus. Has anyone had abnormally increasing HCG levels and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy?


L - December 21

Hello! Mine doubled for a little while but by the time they thought I was six weeks there was no baby on a vag. US and my HCG was not doubling. I went for 1 last US and there it was a baby with a heart beat and actually a large baby for what they then thought was 6 weeks. It turns out according to my doctor that HCG levels stop doubling around the 5-6 week and then slowly increase and then peak and fall somewhat. I saw a heartbeat and I have continued to have spotting but my doctor feels that this pregnancy will be fine. Good luck and keep me posted.


Missy - December 23

Hi, My HCG Levels did the same thing yours are doing......I had to have a D&C because I was suppose to be 11.5 weeks and the baby only measured 5.5 weeks with no heartbeat :( Good Luck and God Bless!


Jeannie - January 16

I was wondering the same thing actually. My first beta on 1/13/05 was 7082 and my second beta on 1/13/05 was 10500 or slightly higher. When I had my betas done I was 6 weeks 3 days and then again at 6 weeks 5 days. Does that make a difference with how fast my HCG doubles?


Rhonda - January 16

I wish I knew more about this before I am at this point also. I went to the doctor for my first ultrasound with my first pregnancy on 1/14/2005. Did not start my cycle after I stopped taking the pill in early November. The Dr thought I may be 2 mo along, the US showed a sac and estimated about 5 weeks. Hard to tell without a fetus present as of yet. My hcg level was right at 8000. The Dr stated she was a bit concerned at an elevated level, but she has seen higher that resulted in a healthy pregnancy. My next US is 1-20-05 - please pray for a healthy baby to be discovered. Very nervous...really want to see this pregnancy out. Just need words of advice if anyone has similar stories. Successful pregnancy & healthy baby (or otherwise).


Jo - January 20

Hi Rhonda, I am confused myself. Here's my situation, I stopped taking the pill on Nov 27, im sure i ovulated on dec 13th, and had a positive preg test on the 26. I had an ultrasound and could only see the sac and it measured at 5 wks 1 day. MY calculations put me at 7 weeks! so that got me worried. I took the HCG test and that came back as 2251. tomorrow i go back and do another blood test and see if it goes up. well today is the 20th, howd your appt go?


pene - January 21

Hi Rhoda, I am about the same ecg as you, 2040 at what i think is 6 weeks but i has an u/s two days ago that showed nothing up so am having more bloods today. i had some bleeding at 5 weeks which really scared me as i am 41 and we have been trying for 2 years! am not sure if the ecg level is normal or not but heres hoping. would eb interested to see what yours went up to, good luck


pene - January 21

sorry post was to jo, rhodas levels are way up there!!


Jo - January 21

To Pene, i had my test done today and it only went up to 23 hundred something, so it only went up about 100 didnt go down at all but it didnt go up very much either. i really think im going to lose this one...i had a miscarriage about 2 years ago but then i got preg right after that and had my 3rd son. so naturally i am very worried and walking on pins and needles. the doctor told me to keep my appt for my u/s in two weeks. i didnt have any bleeding yet tho, so who knows.


Jeannie - January 21

Well girls, what I found out is when your HCG reaches 6,000 it can take about 96 hours just to double. As long as your numbers are going up, try not to worry. I had the same problem and I had my ultrasound done yesterday and the ultrasound tech said everything looked absolutely perfect. Try not to worry. I know, easier said than done. Here's a website where you can check your doubling time.


Jo - January 21

Hi Jeannie, well I called my nurse back to ask her more questions about my levels, and she said that they have seen levels rise slowly and still proceeded to have a healthy baby, so there is still a glimmer of hope. BUT, my u/s showed a sac that measured 5 weeks instead of 7 weeks, so thats why im concerned...also, if it really was only a 5 week fetus, that means i wouldve ovulated on dec 21st, now that doesnt pan out because I had a positive pregnancy test on the 26. 5 days is not enuff time to fertilize, travel to the uterus, implant and have the levels rise enuff to register on the home preg test. so thats why im worried. thanks for replying, keep in touch.


Jeannie - January 21

You must be 7 weeks going by the day of your last period. Well, if that's the case, then of course the baby is measuring 2 weeks behind. You generally ovulate 2 weeks after you get your period, that's when the baby is made. See I am measuring only 1 week behind what I am if I go by the day of my last period. I could have ovulated way earlier than I thought. Which is a possibility since I was on clomid. I wouldn't worry about it. Worse case, you implanted late and that's why the baby is behind. If you look up the week you are in it'll say the baby is 1-2 weeks behind that. Pregnancy starts before you even ovulate. Don't worry, just enjoy your pregnancy. If the nurse said things were fine, trust her and enjoy milking this pregnancy for what it's worth. I know I am trying to get what I want from my hubby. I know, that's horrible and bratty. But hey, if I have a craving, he's going out in search of what I am wanting. :) Just enjoy being pregnant. I'm sure things will be great.


Jo - January 22

Hi Jeannie, I understand all of the timing and everything with pregnancy, but the thing is, when i had the ultrasound it said 5 weeks and i asked the doc if that was timing from fertilization or from my last period, she said it was from my period. so it is smaller than what it should be,,,and plus im starting to lose my symptoms. :( but im doing ok...i have a beautiful 14 month old boy thats a pure delight so he takes my mind off of it. Once I finally pa__s the tissue thats in there i am trying again until it sticks! I absolutely love being pregnant, so i have to complete my mission no matter what.


Jeannie - January 23

My symptoms change daily. Some days I feel great with no symptoms and there are others where I don't get out of bed. Maybe this will just be an easy pregnancy for you. Try to keep positive. I have noticed that when people keep positive about things, things always happen for the best. The people the dwell on the bad always have a negative outcome. Just take it day by day.


pene - January 23

Hi Jo, I hope all is well for you, I just had another blood test back and HCG up to 3107 in about 44 hours, so not too bad, hasnt doubled but part i read was that over 2000 or 6 wks can take anything from 72 to 96 hours so am off again this morn, so am keeping positive but will be reasurred when they finally see it!! I have also been told i have a tilted uuterus which apparantly (accoring to some opther post) can make baby hard to spot! good luck to you


pene - January 23

hope all is okay jo, my levels again now up to 4020 in another 40n hrs so hopefully us now good, they still describe it as sluggish but am hoping this seems okay, any one had sluggish levels like this?


pene - January 26

unfortunatly not a good outcome for me the slow rising levels and lack of evidence on us then showed up as an ectopic and i was whisked nto hospital immediatly and operated on, feeling pretty low but will try again as other tube okay apparantly, all i can suggest is that dont take no for an answer especially if they use the lets wait and see for a couple of weeks as by then I could have been in real trouble, good luck girls



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