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trying4number1 - September 3

Anyone use vitex and become pregnant????


Eljay - September 3

Hey there Trying - havnt seen u around latley girl. How are things? I take it ur using vitax, I dont know anything bout it but jst thought I would say hi. x


melanie25 - September 4

Hi Trying , I have used vitex to try and regulate my cycle to get pregnant but beyond that it still depends on how your body is you see my body doesn't naturally ovulate to it didn't help me to become pregnant but i have PCO'S i must say as much as the tinture form tastes nasty it was the way i took it and i was regular within just over a month


melanie25 - September 4

this was late last year i was later taken off it by my fertility specialist so i could start fertility as you can't do them together and I am now 8 1/2 weeks pregnant after 2 cycles of ovulation induction (1st cycle was cancelled) and fell pregnant first try of injectables and IUI i wish you the best of luck don't lose hope try anything ... i did


lisa mc - September 4

i came off the pill and had really irregular periods. after 6 months i started taking vitex and ovulated after 2 weeks on it and got pregnant!! so yes it worked for me after only 2 weeks on it!!


trying4number1 - September 4

Hi Eljay - I've taken a break from the site but I'm back....I started taking it after I took a pregnancy test a few weeks back (after thinking I was preggers) well it was neg. so I decided I try it to at least get regular periods! (Also wanted to check to make sure I didn't start it while I was preggers) Well AF was due friday and she showed! Right on time! I haven't had a regular period ALL year! Until now! Also I had no headaches like I usually do, very very little cramping and It's gone by the 5th day! Whew! So DH and I are going to start BDing and see if it helps getting us pregnant! :) Thanks for your story Lisa :) CONGRATS! I'm excited I hope this works for us!!!!!


Rainbowbrite - September 4

Hello! I do believe that taking vitex is a factor that helped me getting my bfp back in july. I started to have some irregular periods for a month or two and so i decided i didn't think it would HURT anything to try it... and i hadn't even taken a full cycle.. i started it a week after my last period had started... and low and behold it was the same month i got my bfp!!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!


trying4number1 - September 4

Awe congrats Rainbow!!!! How wonderful!!!! Thanks!


Stephanie_31 - September 4

I took vitex for my last 2 pregnancies and conceived in the first month of trying.


trying4number1 - September 4

Oh wow, that's great stephanie! I hope it works for me too!


trying4number1 - September 5



PreciousBaby19 - September 5

i've been looking into the differences between vitex and clomid...and vitex looks like the way to go .


trying4number1 - September 5

Vitex is a natural herb so it should be the way to go. It'll be much better for ones body.


trying4number1 - September 5

NOTHING against clomid users, I've never tried it so I do not know if it works for me. ----- So far my preference is vitex


PreciousBaby19 - September 5

Yeah I know....but i also would like multiples if that sounds wrong...just twins..i'm a twin and would love to share that with my children...although one child would be a blessing and if i got just one i would be the happiest mother in the world concidering i've had 2 miscarriages....but regulating my period is also one of the issues that i was looking at the drugs for in the first place...and the dangers of u/p clomid are to be concidered...even though i will talk to my doctor about it...i am thinking about taking vitex as it doesn't look harmful or dangerous and if it doesn't work i can always takeclomid....i am just still so torn....i'm hoping i wont have to choose concidering i'm 3dpo and i just started temping and fiiinnnally realized i O later than i thought so we hit it right on the nail and i am hoping thats enough this ...wishing and hoping that it is enough but planning for the worst.


trying4number1 - September 5

Well if you are a twin, twins run in the family and you have a much greater chance than most! And with some people Vitex has helped women become pregnant with twins. Try Vitex and Yams, yams are supposed to help with twins as well.


kendra.marie - September 6

okay ladies. ive been reading & dicussing alot of stuff i have a daughter shes almost 13 months. we are going to start TTC in october curious, should i try one cycle without vitex or should i try with vitex? or what. any ideas i mean i have a regular 31 day cycle, im starting to temp now. & im going to buy ovulation tests. i want to be pregnant asap. but im nervous & scared all in one. any ideas. & where do you perfer i buy vitex if i buy it let me know please & thank you



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