We Are Due August 2007 YEAH Part 8

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ChattyKathy - February 19

Ah! I'm gone for almost two days and I miss the amazing news! Jen thats so great! I'm SO happy for you, you have no idea! My next appointment is on the 14th and I'm pretty sure my doctor is going to wait an entire other month to do an ultrasound. Okay, i promise, I'll try to NOT complain about that issue yet again... I think you all already know exactly how frustrated I am with that news. ANYWAY, so I'll probably be the last on the list to find out the big news or to even see the little one. hmph! Fun things for this weekend, I was craving chinese and found the most amazing chinese restaurant in the entire world. Unfortunately, now I don't know where to go to eat for my birthday. Sigh... Dilemmas...


ChattyKathy - February 19

By the way, girls. Be thinking of Robyn. She'll be having her D&C tomorrow.


friendtilthend - February 19

Good evening girls.... Congrats Jen on your little boy..... That is great news. Kelley love all those names. We are going to name our baby if it is a boy Ethan Nathaniel. For a girl we are undecided so far but I like the name Nevaeh. As for US we have a dr apt next Monday. I think we will be schedule for one shortly after that. I think I am having a boy.


Diva647 - February 19

Hi Girlies, I'm back from my w/e away. Looks like y'all had lots of coffee, from all your posts looks like you've been quite chatty! Hi new Ladies, welcome to our lil corner of the world. I'm super 29 (you'll understand that age as you get closer to 30 & farther from 20) am 15+ weeks w/baby #2, pregncy #4 . . . . K-PARIS I wanted a French name for our first but my hubby nixed it "we're not french" he said, waahh. thought it'd be too obvious living ove there etc. . .. I really liked Nolwenn, Sabine & Genvieve but unfortuneately they don't sound as elegant w/an American accent. I could not stand to hear people say Gen-ee-veev instead of how the French say it, it's much prettier. How bout you? Are you going w/a French name? and haha, my DH is keeping my up w/his snores as i write this . . back to catching up on the posts.


Diva647 - February 19

Sorry - i've just read so much, who wants to do a baby myspace? I have 2B honest & say I've never even looked at myspace but honey just be careful where ever you do it, you should be concerned about privacy, pervs & child predators are always on the lookout for people who give out too much personal info, it's just a baby now but they could get enuff info to track you & your child....anyway, just be wise about whatever you do, think of who may be seeing it that you don't want to see it, while at the same time giving your family updates...good luck w/that


slackette - February 19

ChattyKathy, I guess you have been in contact with Robyn? Did she have to make the decision to end the pregnancy or did nature take its course with the kidney issue? I will most definitely keep her and her family in my prayer, I am sure this is the most difficult thing to go through.


Diva647 - February 19

i'm still reading thru these threads, i swear gone 3 days & you miss a lot. . . . so where do you buy bella bands & how do they work exactly? . . . .the unwanted advice is going to escalate from here guys just to warn ya for those of you on your first child. practice that game face cuz the advice on feeding. sleeping, diapering, disciplining, dressing, schoolin & more is on it's way. Like the penquins said in Madagascar, just smile & wave boys, just smile & wave. . . meaning go oh gee really? thanks for the advice I'll have to keep that in mind.


Diva647 - February 19

OK, I have finally caught up on the threads. CONGRATS Jen, I can tell you're glowing thru your post! I've V. excited for you, what a relief to finally know the gender. I swear there's a boy wave a comin, my BF is having a boy in May & at my last u/s my DH thought he saw a willy, we'll see tho. . . . you'll have to throw me into your mix of u/s, i may be switching my DR. but I do have a apt for the end of Feb which I think they'll schedule me then for the big U/S. . . . . KATHY, what has Robyn said about what's going on? I miss her, she was such a big part of this group.


jen327 - February 20

Hi girls, yes Robyn is having her D&C today. The condition they diagnosed her baby with is fatel after birth and thier is no way to save the baby. It can not live without kidneys and without amniotic fluid it should have major deformities. She had to make a brave choice to end the pregnancy but as you can imagine carrying a baby to term that will die would be heart wrenching. So yes, today she will have a D&C and she is hoping to start the IVF again in a month. She knows we are all thinking about her and will keep her in our prayers. She probably won't be back on this forum but is on the miscarriage forum.


kelley - February 20

Hope that everyone is doing well I am starting to think that us gabby girls need part 9... the final 1st trimester chapter... well here goes.. it is just taking to long to load... so catch up and on to part 9.



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