What Is Your Delivery Date Due

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Maureen - July 29

Hi all, I'm just curious, when are you due to deliver your baby? You can post your answers here and we can all share our excitement and anticipation!


Susan - July 29

August 9th, I'm so excited.


sue - July 29

March 3rd 2006, though the doc said on tues day it might strech to march 6th. anyway I'll take the first puts me at 9Wks Today!


*Kelley* - July 29

I am due February 7th. Today I am 12w2d... last week of the first trimester!!!


starlgyht24 - July 29

I am due April 1, 2006


carla - July 29

Originially I thought I was due on March 11 b/c of my LMP. But after my last appt and CRL measurement, my due date is now March 8.


SHERRI - July 29

march 5th !!! Its my first im 37 and very excitied :)


jb - July 29

2/15/06!! Its my first, I am 11wks, almost 12 and so excited.


Kris - July 29

Mine is Feb 18th 06..This will be my 5th.


Suzie - July 29

I havent had an ultrasound yet..but going by my lmp and an online due date calculator it said April 3rd


Mary - July 30

April 5th 2006. Nervous, excited happy and worried. I'm so afraid i'm going to lose the baby. does anyone know the % of miscarriages in all pregnant women? Thanks & good luck!!


Beth - July 31

I am due March 10th, 2006. 8 weeks and one day!! only 32 weeks 2 go!!


dani - July 31

December 27th...........can't wait!!!!!!!!!!


Mary - July 31

ok, i looked it up. and its 20% of planned pregnancies that are known about that end up in miscarriage. it jumps up to 40% if you don't know about it (chemical pregnancies). so i answered my own question.


Sue - August 1

February 14th, this is our first baby! We had a rough start so I'm really excited to be reaching 12 wks this coming Wednesday!


mandy - August 1

february 4th. dont want to be in the hospital on my b-day, feb 25. =D lookin good at 13 weeks!!


Melissa - August 2

Hi all Due date of March 5th!!! only 6 and a half long months away!!!



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