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pink_roses - September 18 12:57pm

i have had very little constipation so far. i never had it before but everywhere i read that it is a normal early pregnancy sign. i have had my progesterone checked and it is normal. anyone else not get constipated? am i too early for this symptom? if anything my tummy gets "bubbly" and upset when i eat something that disagrees with me. no diarrhea though... just wondering about other people's experiences...

cjone - September 18 1:30pm

hi..i was fine and didnt have problems with constipation till i took zofran (for extreme vomiting etc) in my 8th week and then my constipation started. Before that, no problems whatsoever...

jenrodel - September 18 4:50pm

Constipation is quite common, but a lot of women do not get constipated either. It is one of the many symptoms that you may or may not have. I am 38 weeks pregnant and have not been constipated whatsoever during my entire pregnancy. Make sure you drink lots of water and fluids and eat fruits etc, which may help keep it away!

pink_roses - September 18 6:45pm

thanks for the responses. i had a m/c in april so i am questioning every symptom (or lack of symptom- LOL) this time around.

Mommy_to_be - September 18 8:55pm

I didn't have problems w/ constipation until my second trimester. Many people don't have problems w/ this until later or not at all!

Seredetia - September 18 10:35pm

Well, I'm a bit over 18 weeks pregnant now and I haven't been constipated at all. Before pregnancy I would ALWAYS be it's like a dream. LOL. I suppose I'm just the oddball here.

Kristin11 - September 21 9:36am

You should feel happy that you arent constipated, I am so constipated and bloated with this preganacy. I am in my 3rd mths , but god am i uncomfortable already. This pregnancy is so diffrent then the first.

Jodie86 - September 21 10:22am

Count yourself lucky! I'm 28 weeks now, but had it most the way through! I'd love to not have it for a while! Enjoy it while it lasts! And good luck with your pregnancy! I'm sure everything will be fine!

sahmof3 - September 21 11:32am

I never had constipation in early pregnancy. I had diarrhea...

Ani - September 21 2:03pm

i am also 5 weeks pg but no sign og constipation. Looks like I am not at all PG. Everything is the same old .only morning nausea and tiredness. sleeping almost 12 hours. Not Hungry at all.

maren - September 23 12:19am

i never had constipation throught my whole pregnancy...i wouldnt complain lol


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