95 Percentile Head Boy Or Girl

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bigeasy711 - July 2

My wife and I are having our first baby (due Aug 4)and we decided to wait to find out the baby's gender. It's the first grandbaby on both sides and we wanted it to be a surprise for everyone. The doctor said that we will probably have to have a c section due to the baby's head being in the 95th percentile. Do you think due to the largeness of the head that it is a boy? This secret is now killing me and I wonder if this is a clue to the gender. Thanks in advance for you responses and opinions.


jas - July 3

Nope - the size of the head does not predict gender, sorry :)


Patti - July 3

I agree w/ Jas, no. Both my boy and two girls had rather large heads. I delivered them all v____ally and don't remember Dr. telling me the baby had a big head early on. I had to have episiotomies, of course. BTW, I think it's great that you're waiting to find out the gender. I didn't find out w/ my first and it was so great hearing the "It's a boy!" (or girl.) Of course then I couldn't help myself w/ my next pregnancies and found out the genders.


tryingx3 - July 3

We are having girl and her head is measuring ahead of date...from what I understand head size is a genetic thing...not a gender thing.


mcatherine - July 3

Sorry, Bigeasy711 - they're all right. Head size is not a prediction of gender, nor is heart rate.... I am glad your wife is having a c-section. 95th percentile is a big head!!! Good luck to you both!



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