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May - February 16 8:20pm

Rachel*, sorry to hear abt your bladder infections, I had UTI abt 5 yrs back and gosh! It was such an agony!!! I promised myself not to have it again. Try upping your water intake, cranberry juice helps too. I read from some webby that leaning forward when u visit the toilet will help u clear all the urine.

Leahp - February 17 7:28am

Hi ladies, You have me highly confused now because you all are saying I'm 10weeks, but every calculator I've done says nine weeks and my due date Sept. 20th. I'm confused, only one said I was 10 weeks, Ivillage! What do I go by, my stupid nurse pract_tioner didn't even give me a due date and at my last appt. on Feb. 2nd she said I was seven weeks.

Beckins - February 17 7:39am

Leahp, go to and there will be a pregnancy calendar. They are very accurate as it gave me the same date as my doc. Some ppl say you are in a certain week or you are a number of full weeks...Im in my ninth week but Im only 8 full weeks. Ppl easily get confused coz they follow different ways. Dont panic too much...when you have your next app or u/s they can clarify a date.
I was really emotional yesterday...sick of feeling yucky and tired all the time. Scared of all the change too....Im surviving tho!

Leahp - February 17 7:59am

Oh thanks Beckins!
I know how you've been feeling, yesterday I actually thought it was going to be a good day and then my evening sickness came full on!!! I was on the couch all night, my house looks like a tornado hit it and I never cook for my poor hubby anymore, he understands, but I just feel useless!!! Oh! I hope it pa__ses soon!!!

Rachel* - February 17 11:12am

I'm with you Beckins and Leahp. I felt horrible last night. Didn't eat dinner and didn't do much at all. This morning I am at work and I feel horrible. I might go home early if I don't feel better soon. Hope we all get better soon :)

Beckins - February 17 11:23am

Im so glad Im not on my own!!! PMA girls...Positive Mental Att_tude!!! We can do it! I dont feel like cooking either Leahp. My poor hubby has to make it or we get takeaway. Im determined to cook tonight tho. I think the reason I felt so bad yesterday was coz on Tuesday I went to London to see a theatre show - The Lion King. Spent the whole day there and got back real late. It just took a toll on my body. I need to make sure I get plenty of too girls!!

Leahp - February 17 11:44am

Oh!! I'm determined to cook tonight as well!! I have to straighten the house up, do something with myself! I relaly wanted to make sheperds pie tonight, but the thought of sauteing up beef, makes me want to puke!!
That's neat you got out to a theater, Beckins! We have a concert to go to Mar. 2nd, Allison Krause!!! The best bluegra__s around and I'm praying I won't be having evening sickness!!! I already called off work the day after, because I know we won't get home till late, and my job requires me to be up at 4:30am uggghhh! It's been hard!

Rachel* - February 17 12:07pm

Leahp, that is too crazy!!! I'm going to see Alison Krauss in concert on March 10 at the Universal Ampitheater. Is that the show you are going to? I am a bluegra__s fan and have played the fiddle since I was 9. Small world ;)

Beckins - February 17 12:13pm

Sorry guys...haven't a clue who Alison Krauss is or bluegra__s!!!! You heard of Steven Curtis Chapman? Hes a contemporary Christian artist. I love his music. Shpeherds Pie sounds good altho I feel I have the same problem with the meat!!!

Leahp - February 17 12:28pm

Hey Rachel!
I'm from St. louis so I'm going to her concert at the Fox Theater, Mar. 2nd!!! I love her!! I've been waiting for her to come to the STL forever, she was played numerous times during our wedding and my dad and I had our first dance to her!!! I will definitley put her on my belly once I get bigger!!! The fiddle!!! I envy you!! My husband bought me an old tenor banjo, but I would really like to have a five string banjo that is meant for bluegra__s! I've never played it still, but I guess I have a lot of time to try, I've been sticking to my pottery wheel!
I don't know who you're talking about Beckins and I wasn't sure if Allison travels to Europe, but maybe Rachel could explain blugra__s better than me, I call it twangy fun music!!! It gives the soul a jolt!!!

Rachel* - February 17 12:49pm

Beckins, Bluegra__s is accoustic mountain music. The instruments used can include: guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, ba__s, and dobro. It is an upbeat, toe-tappin' style that country music came from. Have you heard of the Dixie Chicks? They have some songs that are bluegra__s style. Leahp, my hubby is trying to learn the banjo too. He goes on the net and tries when he can. We live in southern California. I used to see Alison Krauss when I went to bluegra__s camps as a teenager. She would play as part of the line-up they had on an outdoor stage. That was fun. I have always loved her. I admire her fiddle playing and her angelic voice. I think I have every single CD that she put out.

mallory - February 18 8:58am

i am also about 9 weeks and my doctor said i was due on sept. 20....i just found out and before i found out i was a smoker and was prescriber to valium and taking it....i'm pretty scared that it may affect my baby. but i am young and healthy...anyone else in my situation? any advice?? and congratulations to all the mommys to be!

Rachel* - February 22 11:00am

Beckins, we are now 10 weeks. Exciting huh? I'm going to start a new "10 week and counting" thread. Hope to see you all there :)


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