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MLM - September 24

Hi there! OK... I may be crazy, but I was just wondering if anyone else has done the 'string or needle' test in determining the s_x of your baby? I have known many people that did this and it has never been wrong. I did it at 4 weeks and it just said a boy. Did it again today at 9 weeks and it said boy, then started circling for a girl without stopping. Not sure what to think and just wondered if anyone else believes in this kind of thing???


Angel - September 25

I believe in it. I'm gonna have two girls then a boy , the boy being the middle child. when you do it the first time it will say boy or girl then stop. do it again if it tells boy or girl that means your gonna have another child.do it until the needle doesn't move at all. like if you do it five times and it stops at four ,your gonna have four kids. do you understand? all my friends have done it and it's be correct every single time!! best wishes!


Janice - September 25

I believe in it also...i did it before I knew the s_x of my baby. It said I was going to have three girls. That would be crazy because my boyfriend eventually wants a boy. Anyway I found out that my first one due on Dec. 7th is going to be a girl so.


MLM - September 25

Thanks for your input! I believe in it too but what do you think about it starting with a boy swinging, never stops and starts circling. And, when we did it the first time weeks ago, it kept saying boy and stopping. We did it multiple times but now it added a girl. Just confused. My mother thinks it is twins... LOL Thanks!


angel - September 25

it could be!good luck


Confused - September 25

Could someone tell me how to do this String or needle test? Can I buy it in a store or make it at home? I wanna use it too!!


To Confused - September 25

All you do is get a string and tie it on a pencil, or use a needle like I did. Thread a needle and hold the thread end so the needle is over your wrist or your belly. (or it's better to have someone else hold it so you can see it better and not get shaky) Make sure there is no breeze or anything in the room. If the needle starts swinging side to side, it's a boy. If it goes around in circles, it's a girl. Supposedly, it will stop and start again to indicate what your second child will be. I have talked to MANY people who have done this and it has never been wrong! Good luck! Let us know!!!


Confused - September 25

Wow, you replied fast! I'm not sure if I'm pg yet, but we're praying for one...I would definitely try that right now...thanx!!


To Confused - September 25

Good Luck!! When will you know if you are pg? I am currently 9w2d... it was a long time waiting!!!


Confused - September 25

Well it is really weird with me...I didnt get a period in August at all, only spotting for 2 days then on Sept. 6, I had a really short yet heavy AF. I have lots of symptoms but me and my fiance dont want to get our hopes up. My next AF is due Oct. 4th or 5th...so I'm waiting..!!


To Confused - September 25

Well good luck!!!! I wish you the best. Keep me posted! We tried for over a year, so I know your anticipation!!! :) Baby dust to you!!


Confused - September 25

Congradulations!! Is it a boy or girl?


To Confused - September 25

According to the 'string test'.... It's a boy then girl?? So, we'll see!! We are not going to find out though... but I'm just banking on it being a boy first!!!


Confused - September 25

Hey did your b___bs hurt in the beginning? Mine dont hurt that much and I'm worried that in order to be pg, they have to be tender. My bbs itch and nipples are tender sometimes...what do you think?


To Confused - September 25

Yeah, mine were really sore at first and still are. Everyone is different though so you never know. The first symptom I noticed was that I had to pee a lot at night, which was abnormal for me. How long have you been trying?


Confused - September 25

We've been trying only for two months but it seems like forever!! I have really bad mood swings though...everything he says either makes me really angry or makes me cry and usually I dont show much emotion when unnecessary (so that is highly unlike me). Last month I was really hungry all the time and super tired, right now my back hurts really bad and I never get sleep... It's so weird because I never have had these types of problems so it's really hard not to believe that I'm pg, but we'll just have to wait and see.....what are all your symptoms?


To Confused - September 25

My very first symptom which occurred about 3 days before my period was due was peeing a lot at night. I was also getting AF cramps, so I thought I was going to get it. Usually though, when I get cramps, they don't go away and this time they did. I only got cramps at night. Then, I didn't get AF and I took a test and it was Positive!!! We were so excited! My bbs were sore also. My thoughts will be with you. I know how it is waiting for the day you miss af!! I was also on Clomid for 4 months. One thing I learned though, is God will give you a baby when the time is right! So, don't fret if you aren't pg. The time will come!!! And, it will be wonderful!!! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!!!!



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