Are Blue Eyes Dominant Over Brown

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Stephanie - December 3

Just wondering. Both my husband and I have blue eyes, and blue eyes run strong on my side. His side has a mix of both. I'm just wondering, as I recently read that the gene for curly hair is dominant over straight. I have curly hair, my husband straight. Obviously we're playing the ole guessing game of what our baby is going to look like! Any thoughts?


hi - December 3

Brown eyes are dominant over blue generally. If you have brown and your husband has blue, Then you'd have a 1 in four chance of having blue eyes, which means it would probably have brown. But, since you and your husband both have blue, then your looking at a gene chart that will most likely give blue eyes. However, genetics are tricky and grandparents with brown eyes can sometimes come through to the grandchildren. But, I wouldn't be surprised if yours has blue eyes.


Bonnie - December 3

Yep, pretty much what "hi" said. If you both have blue eyes then your child has a stronger chance of blue. Though it's not guaranteed and gets a lot mroe complicated. You can do a little research on the Web to understand more.


Stephanie - December 3

Thanks guys. We're hoping for blue eyes, but obviously will be happy with anything.


Red/Blue - December 3

I, and my whole family has blue eyes, and light colored hair.(either red, strawberry blonde, or blonde) My husband's family is polish/Ukranian, with black or really dark hair, and brown, and hazel eyes. Both of my kids have blonde, and red hair with blue eyes! I thought they would have black hair, and wasn't sure about the eyes. But I guess in our situation, my family genes are more dominant!


Red/Blue - December 3

When my red head was born, she had purple eyes believe it or not. They kind of just faded to blue. I'm almost pos. that your baby will have blue eyes!


*X* - December 3

According to what I learned in basic biology, there is absolutely no way that you and your husband could have a brown eyed child. Blue eyed genes are recessive, and brown are dominant. It is possible for brown eyed parents to have blue eyed children, because each parent might have both a brown and a blue eyed gene, but that's not the case for blue eyed parents. So, in summary, no - if you and your husband both have blue eyes, then so will all of your children.


*X* - December 3

By the way, when I said "that's not the case for bue eyed parents above," I meant that two blue eyed parents can't have a brown eyed child.


Stephanie - December 3

I'm also thinking she'll be a brunette, as we both are, as are my parents and brothers, and my husbands for that matter. Wondering if she'll have my curly hair. I have three brothers, two out of the three have curly hair as well (they're twins).


Christi - December 3

Your baby will have blue eyes if you both have blue eyes... if your baby pops out with some other eyes... it must be the milk mans People with blue eyes can only pa__s on the trait for blue eyes... nothing else... so looks like you'll get your wish... a blue eyed baby...CONGRATS!


TO * X* & Christi - December 3

Toss out that stuff you learned years ago in biology. New research has been done and pretty much tossed all of that up. It is possible for two blue eyed parents to have a brown eyed child. Its unlikely but still possible since his side of the family has a mix of both.


Brandi - December 3

My husband had really dark brown eyes, as did all of his 6 brothers and sisters and most of my family has brown eyes, I somehow got green and my daughters eyes are bluish grey, leaning more toward turning green now. So I guess you never know, just another fun little surprise.


*X* - December 3

So what is it exactly that allows two blue eyed parents to have a brown eyed child? Are you saying that recessive genes can dominate?


Annette - December 3

what I have learnt from recent research, is that ALL caucasian babies are BORN with blue eyes that might change color eventually, sort of like kittens. I am in the same situation, wondering and betting about my baby´s eyes, difference being that my eyes are hazel and my husbands´ blue, with mixed colors in my family and his side 100% blue. Funny part is that my family wishes for a blue eyed baby and my husband´s for a brown eyed just for a change :)))


mel - December 3

i have heard the same thing as X and christi. i know my husband and i both have blue eyes and so does out daughter. my parents both have brown eyes i know it's possible for two brown eyed people to have a blue eyed baby. everything i've read says two blue eyed people can't have a brown eyed baby, but.... with genetics being so tricky, i see the SLIGHT possibility of a brown eyed baby. you never know what the human body will do. i'd count on blue eyes if i were you, but there's always that tiny chance....


hello - December 3

my kids all where born with blue eyes. youngest with a bmore brown in his. but mostly blue. if he looks to the side they are brown, staight on they are blue.. my eyes blue my husbands brown. my mom,dad and his dad all blue.. his mom brown. so 2 brown out of 6 we got all blue. i think it takes after the mothers side but the majority of color wins.. this next one we will see.. could be either.. i think blue again though


K - December 3

blue eyed people can have brown eyed children given if they carry the gene for brown eyes, say if one of your parents have brown eyes you carry the gene for brown eyes but your husband has to carry the same gene for brown eyes, given that blue eyes are recessive genes and both you and your husband have blue eyes chances are your child will have blue eyes, the longer the generations of blue eyes go on the less likely the brown eyed gene will carry on it's all a game of numbers



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