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VijiKishore - January 9 3:02pm

At 15 dpo, my HCG level came out 192, 2 days later on 17 dpo it was 456. I went in for another blood test today which is 21 dpo... and was expecting the level to be atleast 1800 but it came out 1536... is it ok?

Drew - January 9 3:33pm

As you probably know hcg levels are expected to double every 2-3 days. BUT....there are women who dont double (like myself) or who do double, but it takes an extra day or so. With this pg my initial levels were very low, and slow to double and was told we'd just have to "wait and see". I'm now 26 weeks pg and baby's doing fine. We had been ttc for so long I was soooo focused on those numbers. Try not to worry about numbers!! As long as they are going up, your looking good. Congrats to you and your growing family!!!! :)

VijiKishore - January 9 6:38pm

Hi Drew, Thanks a lot for your response... It was very motivating. This is my first pregnancy... so I am a little bit worried.

Drew - January 9 10:29pm

Glad I could help!! I know how hard it is not to focus on the numbers when you really want this so bad. Keep us posted as to how your doing!

VijiKishore - January 9 11:41pm

Sure I will... I go in for my first ultrasound on this Thursday... quite anxious!!!


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