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Samantha - October 11 11:01pm

I am have not had a period since August, I just went to the doctor to have a pap smear and take a pregnancy test. I am still late, my pregnancy test came out negative, but could the doctor tell during my pap smear if I was pregnant?

AH - October 12 12:15am

I believe a mucus plug immediately plugs the opening to your uterus. So yes, I believe a doctor might be able to tell.

Bonnie - October 12 11:46am

Your cervix takes on a blueish color as well, yes they can tell. I'm not sure when it takes effect though.

Julia - October 12 1:43pm

Yeah the cervix turns blue. For me about 5 weeks.

Sara t - October 12 6:25pm

no they cannt tell that way unless you have had no kids they can tell by the size of your urterus when I was 7 weeks preg my cervix was no different then it was before I was preg

moreen - October 18 4:52am

yup i am a gyno

sara t - October 18 6:39am

to moreen if your a gyno then I am scared for you clients cause you cannot tell from a pap smear sorry but where did you go to school ?

To: Sara T - October 18 8:17am

You are wrong.

Tiana - October 18 8:30am

A doctor could DEFINATELY tell if you were pregnant during a pap smear because everything inside becomes much "softer" and "smoother", well that is what my doctor told me (I'm 3 1/2 months pregnant) so when he goes to inject his fingers he would definatley be able to tell, plus the cervix turns a bluish color. Periods can also be late due to stress, and s_xual intercourse. I am in the navy and I had a friend who did have her period for 4-5 months, and the doctor ended up putting her on birth control to get her period regular again. So talk to your doctor about that. Best of Luck!

M - October 18 8:38am

YES they can tell!! All of the blood runs to your cervix when your preg and it turns blue purple, i thought i might of been having twins so she checked me and said she thought only one was in there...and she was right, but they can tell...

Amy - October 18 1:27pm

I would think they might be able to tell. Especially if you told the dr that you might be pregnant (if you did). When I was pg before and went in, they did an internal exam and were able to tell that my cervix was larger at about 6 weeks. I also think that it is softer and closed when you are pregnant, but I am not 100% on that one. It couldn't hurt to call and ask if you'd like. All they can say is no! I hope you get the answers you are looking for! God bless.

Amy - October 18 1:29pm

Oops meant uterus was fingers think faster than my brain when I type!

sara t - October 18 5:39pm

if you say so

TO SARA - October 18 8:56pm

you are wrong lady,a doctor can tell if your pregnant by doing an exam.your cervix which is the opening of the uterus begins to soften and honey yes when a doctor dose a pap they will know if the cervix is getting softer.because changes in the cervix and size of the uterus help the doctor determine how long you"ve been pregnant.within the first 6 to8wks the cervix becomes bluish-tinged and sara before you open your mouth about something you know nothing about get the facts straight.

Samantha - October 19 11:50am

Why not just ask the doctor to give you a simple pregnancy test when you're there??? I had it done in 5 minutes on a routine pap.

sara - October 19 5:45pm

well fopr your imfo I say this because everyone is different and when i was well am now my cervex was low and not soft at 7 weeks and when I went for a phy last year they thought maybe I was 5 weeks cause of the way i felt my doc even said to me its not a good way to tell as your body gives off different signs he said a real doc will never judge but the way it looks and feels and they will know that its false aqusations to say you are .just like I had my peroid for the first 3 months they only true way is a blood test with an u/s so read up my dear nothing is for sure

Erm - October 19 5:58pm

Samantha did not ask if a pap smear will tell you 100%. She simply asked if you can tell you are pregnant during a pap smear, to which you can. Maybe YOU need to read up my dear.


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