Can Cum Pass A Tampax

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daisy420 - July 1

as i was on my period me and my boyfriend were having s_x a different way but he slipped out and pushed it back in but it went in my va___a so it pushed up my tampax can you get pregnant please help


tori205 - July 1

hummmmm, you dont ovulate until middle of your cycle usually so the chances of pregnancy is minimal. more importantly, be careful you dont lose your tampax inside since it can give you toxic shock which may be life threatening!


Tink - July 5

i'd be more concerned about TSS- toxic shock syndrome than pregnancy at this point. if you track your cycles, you know when the days are that you could get pregnant (ovulation, usually 14 days before AF shows- so usually mid cycle). since it was during your period, the chances are very very slim.


lawlady72 - July 5

If you mean what I think you mean I'd be more worried about infection. It is competely unsanitary for him to be in the first place and then end up in your v____a, I mean they tell girls to wipe from front to back after using the bathroom so you don't get infections.



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