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Terri - November 15 1:58am

hey everyone was just wondering if this is true, I read that coffee & soda pop can prevent woman from becoming pregnant because of the caffine is this true?I usally drink a lot of soda but read that & trying to drink other things

Lisa - November 15 2:23am

Where did you read that at? As far as I know I don't think it does; I've never heard that before. I know you should limit your caffiene intake when you are pregnant. They always say that women who are trying to conceive should cut out all caffiene, alcohol, smoking and generally eat healthy as you are trying to prepare yourself for a child. But honestly; I've never heard of anyone actually doing that.

ally - November 15 4:38am

answer is no, im a caffeine addict and i got pregnant

M.A. - November 15 5:52am

I've been drinking Coca-Cola since I was five, and never heard of that. I was taking caffiene pills this year to have more energy, and got pregnant. I love my cokes, and I have two kids, and one on the way! You still should cut down on the caffiene when you're pregnant, and if you plan to be pregnant. We had no idea that I was going to get pregnant because we have a baby who just turned one, and it took five years to have her. That's why I thought I was safe to take caffiene pills.

Shawna E. - November 15 9:59am

While I won't say that caffeine PREVENTS pregnancy, it can be a contributing factor if you are already having trouble with conception. Some women with endometriosis are affected by caffeine intake. I tried to conceive for over three years, then when I cut out caffeine completely (to reduce headaches), I finally did. I lost that pregnancy, but did conceive three more times (two more losses and one that seems to be working so far)... and only when I was completely off of caffeine. After each pregnancy loss I would get depressed and crave caffeine, but would not conceive again until I stopped drinking it. So I believe that it can be a factor for some... just not all. It certainly can't hurt to give it a try!

kim - November 15 12:16pm

too much caffeine can hinder conception, as well as cause problems with the baby. limit your intake, or drink caffeine-free. i personally cut it out altogether. good luck

No - November 15 12:17pm

The only true measure you can take to prevent pregnancy is abstinence. Condoms and birth control are great in aiding you along. However; neither one are 100% effective. Driking soda will NOT prevent you from becoming pregnant. I have drank coffee and coke my whole life and I have 5 children.

Jbear - November 15 4:54pm

When I got pregnant, I was drinking a 1.5L bottle of diet coke every day, and usually a caffeine pill once a day besides. If you're taking melatonin, ephedra (also called ma huang) or papaya enzyme tablets that can interfere with conception. I've also read that ibuprofen can cause a miscarriage before you ever know you're pregnant...not sure if that is true, though.

Nissa - November 15 6:38pm

My doctor told me to cut back on soft drinks/coffee because caffeine can lessen your chances of getting pregnant. Not that you can't, it just lessens the chance....and since you only have a 20-25% chance of getting pregnant in your cycle, I decided I didn't want to take any chances...the first month I tried, BFN but I was drinking caffeine...I cut it out and 2 mths later BFP!!! Could be coincidence who knows. I cut it out completely and drink water and juices....But my doctor did say that caffeine has an effect on fertility.....Good luck!


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