Cleaning Fish Tank While Pregnant

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Mellissa - April 28

i am 28 weeks, and i have a 40 gallon fish tank with a beta and 4 gold fish. it deparately needs cleaning, but i'm wondering, is it safe for me to get my hands in there? i want to remove the water, and actually scrub it out and stuff. i just wasn't sure if there is something harmful to the baby in there. any information would be helpful!! thanks!!


kellie - April 28

Good Question! I sure hope not, I just started a reef aquarium a few weeks ago! I have never heard anything about Fish Tanks being bad during pregnancy, only cat poop!


karine - April 29

I heard that its not good. so my husband is doing the fish tanks instead to be on the safe side


divinelibra - April 29

theres LOTS of bacteria in there. so if you do, which i'm sure isn't that big of a deal, becareful and clean up real good. i agree with kellie though, STAY AWAY FROM CATS.


Mellissa - April 29

thanks guys... i've been looking all over the internet and can't seem to find any information about it!! i'm just going to wear gloves and stuff. thanks again!


karine - April 29

I wasnt sure of the term...but i found it, the fish tank supposibly has "salmonella infections".....and the young, pregnant woman and elderly should be causious. (its like a cat litter, it dosent mean its infected, but could be" so take precautions


Mellissa - April 29

thanks karine... i have my little brother helping me with it now. i'm planning on taking a nice, hot shower when i get done here.. lol.



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