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Mellissa - April 28 6:16pm

i am 28 weeks, and i have a 40 gallon fish tank with a beta and 4 gold fish. it deparately needs cleaning, but i'm wondering, is it safe for me to get my hands in there? i want to remove the water, and actually scrub it out and stuff. i just wasn't sure if there is something harmful to the baby in there. any information would be helpful!! thanks!!

kellie - April 28 6:43pm

Good Question! I sure hope not, I just started a reef aquarium a few weeks ago! I have never heard anything about Fish Tanks being bad during pregnancy, only cat poop!

karine - April 29 5:13am

I heard that its not good. so my husband is doing the fish tanks instead to be on the safe side

divinelibra - April 29 9:17am

theres LOTS of bacteria in there. so if you do, which i'm sure isn't that big of a deal, becareful and clean up real good. i agree with kellie though, STAY AWAY FROM CATS.

Mellissa - April 29 11:52am

thanks guys... i've been looking all over the internet and can't seem to find any information about it!! i'm just going to wear gloves and stuff. thanks again!

karine - April 29 2:01pm

I wasnt sure of the term...but i found it, the fish tank supposibly has "salmonella infections".....and the young, pregnant woman and elderly should be causious. (its like a cat litter, it dosent mean its infected, but could be" so take precautions

Mellissa - April 29 8:11pm

thanks karine... i have my little brother helping me with it now. i'm planning on taking a nice, hot shower when i get done here.. lol.


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