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sam - August 31 10:43am

I was on a bc pill and it made me really sick so I quit taking it around June 21st I had unprotected s_x on July 1 and on July 14th I got my period. I started spoting on Aug 7 and started a new pill but I haven't had a full period and its now Sept. I don't feel pregnant. Could I be pregnant?

sam - August 31 10:22am

someone please give me some input.

SaRaH - August 31 10:27am

If you were not on the pill and you had unprotected s_x there is a chance that you are pregnant. The reason for your period to come at a different time than normal would be from quiting the pills. Why did you start taking them again if they made you sick?

sam - August 31 10:29am

my doctor gave me a different brand. Which didn't make me feel sick

SaRaH - August 31 10:43am

When I stopped taking the pill I had horrible head aches nausea and horrible cramps. I was on the for a long time. Just about 2 months ago I quit taking them. We are trying for a baby!!! I wish you the best of luck!!!!


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