Could I Be Or Just Other Problems

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me - November 16

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis. I have having what I think are pg symptoms but I could be confusing these with endo symptoms. Can you have endo and still become pregnant? Please let me know. I have tested but I i did it too early because i wanted to know. I will not have my period until 11/29


Wondering - November 16

Are you on a regular 28-30 day cycle?


to wondering - November 16

yes, i am. i am also on pills but have been switched to a new brand and was not told to use something while your body adjusts to the switch.


Wondering - November 16

Well if your last period was on October 29, then you would just now be starting to ovulate or just finishing ovulating so at this poing there is no way to know if you are pregnant. You should not test again until November 30 to avoid getting a false negative. Luck to you.


me - November 16

thanks, wondering. i will keep you updated.


Nicole - November 16

TO answer youe question about whether you could be prego if you have Endometriosis the answer is yes.... If you catch endometriosis quick enough you can sometimes cure it with pregnancy!!!!!!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 16

It is true endo can be put in remission by pregnancy. Most people conceive and carry a baby normally with a degree of endo. I had level 4 endo and had it cleared out by a laparoscopy. At that time I had been trying for 2 yrs. I t still took a year after the lap to get pregnant after being told I may never conceive naturally. I did though and my little boy is now 3 months old. Pregnancy was uncomplicated. My cycles were always regular and predictable. I knew I was pregnant when my period was 6 days late. Even with endo it had never been that late.


me - November 16

thanks for all your support. I really enjoy this site. I am scheduled to have surgery for my endo in december. I have a very small amount but wanted it out so my husband and i can start trying next spring. may not have to now. :) but we will see near the 29th of this mth wether i am pg or not. I will let you guys know



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