Could The Pregnancy Test Be Messed Up

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straberij - February 9

I couldn't do anything at all yesterday i was so sick feeling.I know some people dont believe you can get other peoples symptoms but you can if you're close enough to that person.The really bad thing is my best friend might also be pregnant and we live in the same house together.I took a test yesterday I was suppose to come on yesterday I didnt but I keep getting cramps like I'm about to come on any mintue now.Anyway, I got a really really really faint pink line when I took my test.I'm not sure if this means I am or not and I made my best friend take one she got a darker line but it was a thick strip instead of the lillte line so does that mean she is pregnant also.It was the same brand or could both test just be messed up?


Grandpa Viv - February 9

I am told that women living together often end up with cycles in sync with each other. Did you both have a wild time Jan 25th? Any other signs like tired, super ga__sy or other upset gut, peeing more, wet down there, unusual dreams, acne, emotions, b___bs and nips, veins, dizzy moments, appet_te, smells, stuffy nose etc? Wait a couple of days and take another test first morning pee. Dollar Store saves money and works fine. Good luck!


missjazzyjay - February 11

I will say wait a couple of days and retest again. If u got a faint line that can be a good sign. Usually a faint line means it's not a strong amount of hcg in ur urine yet. give it a week and test again. i know that a week seems like a month...but it will save u money


Teddyfinch - February 12

yeah i would definitely say wait at least 3 or 4 days and retest. i, too, got a faint positive line on 4 separate tests but when i took the blood test at the doctors, it was negative. not sure if it was a chemical pg, but i would just say retest in a few days. good luck!



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