Did Anyone Trim Their Hair Quot Down Quot There

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Jen - November 29

I just can't stand the hair down there are too long, i feel dirty, so yesterday i trim it. am i the only one doing this?


jb - November 29

No I did it a few weeks ago. But I couldnt see it so I was blindly snipping and made a bald spot!!! Im not kidding it was a patch that I cut WAY too short, basically down to my skin. My husband thought it was very funny. I think I might have him do it next time. :o)


erin - November 29

No! I think lots of people do it. I can't stand when it gets long!!


*X* - November 29

Are you serious? I know a few who like the "natural look," but most women I know trim, shave or wax to some degree.


I knoW! - November 29

I've never seen my hair soo long! Or well,,,felt it since I can;t see it anymore. I got to sick of it I tried to shave it in the shower, but I missed a whole bunch of spots. Then I tried trimming it earlier today, but it's sooo hard when you can't see it. I know, I've always been somewhat natural, but not like this! I didn't even know my hair could grow that long. It's so nasty especially with all that discharge I'm getting towards the end of my last trimester. Gross!!!!!


Jbear - November 30

I tried to shave mine when I was 8 months and ended up with about 20 cuts! After that I trimmed it with scissors. It quit growing like crazy after I had my baby.


Holly - November 30

Have any of you tried a bread trimmer or they do have bikini trimmers out there now. I think remmington makes it. You just buzz those suckers and even though you can't see it, I can almost garantee you that the niches if any would be minimal. It's much safer than sissors or razors when you can't see yourself. I have been using one for a while and it's clean, neat and easy. Just a suggestion.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 30

I did it at about 7 mos, just as I was getting unable to see down there anymore. I figured that would have to do until baby was born.


~m~ - November 30

Oh yeah girl! Nobody likes the "low fro"!! Don't feel dirty, feel clean! And to jb - you should try using clippers. Much easier than scissors..... and more even, too.


kiddolebel - November 30

you know your hubby is a trooper when he offers to help trim. I was soo embarra__sed about asking him but i was desperate. We surely laughed about it at the time and still to this day and that was two years ago. Im pregnant now (14wks) and if i need help towards the end i know who to ask. Hes such a good sport.


Stephanie - November 30

Girl I had gotten to the point were i couldnt see it to trim it. I was too embarrased to ask my b/f to do it so I decided to do it myself. When I went to deliver my daughter my boyfriend looked at me and said "what the hell happend down there?" It was sooooo funny. I felt the same way you did. I usually keep mine really trimmed up. lol


Mandy - November 30

Wouldn't a giant mirror help to some degree when you're too big to see it anymore? BTW thank you Jen for starting the thread!! I sure hope a mirror is going to do it cause I really don't want to turn DH loose down there. He would think it was just too funny to completely shave it bald!


Shannon - November 30

try investing in a shower mirror, or a body mirror thats portable. This way you can prop it up somewhere, or if you are in the shower and need to shave, you are not shaving blind and making blind spots :) Right now I can still see cuz I am only 15 weeks but when it comes time that is a definant investment for me! I cant stand the longness, makes me itchy!


kiddolebel - November 30

LOL! Even a mirror doesnt help when your sooo big though. Maybe try an electric bikini trimmer. This sure is a funny topic only because we've all been there (well most of us) and at the time it was soo embarra__sing, now its just funny. I'll never forget it.



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