Just Curious - September 24

When is a DNC preformed by a doctor? Basically under what circ_mstances will a doctor perform a DNC?


M - September 24

isnt a dnc something they do in order to clean out the uterus after a miscarrige or an abortion??


Blaire - September 24

I would like to know the answer to this to.....I'm not really sure what it is.


H - September 25

A DNC is done when the baby has died in the uterus and the mother's body does not abort the fetus on it's own. Most doctors will not let a mom wait to do it on her own once the baby is more than 2 to 4 weeks dead. There is also a pill the doctor can give as an alternative to an invasive procedure like a DNC. Another reason for the DNC is an incomplete miscarrage. If not everything comes out, mom can get a bad infection, making a DNC needed. Hope this helps.


nhb - September 25

A D&C is something that is done to clean out the uterus to make sure there is nothing left in there. They do it for abortions, miscarriages (if there's still something left inside, or if the body doesn't officially "miscarry" by itself, although the baby has stopped growing). I'd imagine that's what a dr would do if the placenta has pieces left inside after a baby is born as well, although I don't know that for a fact . . . I only know for sure about after a miscarriage where I didn't actually expel the embryo, so they did a D&C b/c my cervix was still closed, thinking the baby was OK.



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