Does Your Dh Hate Hospitals

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AudreyC - April 12

I just want to know. Fortunately my hubby doesn't. But I used to know someone who absolutely hated hospitals, although I never found out why. He would not visit his dying grandmother in the palliative care ward, nor would he visit his sister when she was in hospital with an STI. He even went so far as to date only women who had children already, so he wouldn't have to go to the hospital for childbirth. Anyone worried this might happen?


kellie - April 12

My husband is not afraid of hospitals, but he can't stand anything medical. He can't even watch ER without turning away. He has asked several times if he REALLY has to be in the delivery room. I think he may be parked in the corner in a chair while my mom coaches.


Mom2b - April 12

My husband is the same way. He has a very weak stomach. He said he is going to stay at the head of the bed and ask for me to be covered up so that he doesn't end up a patient, LOL! He wants to be there and he know he can't handle seeing everything. So I can understand if he just wants to hold my hand.


pbj - April 12

My dh hates hospitals, mainly because he's a germaphobe. When i delivered he wouldn't sit down w/o cleanin the chair first...oh and forget about touching the remote for the tv. What a freak!


oz - April 12

its funny but im the one in our relationship who is petrified of hospitals and i dont know why. My mum had a hip replacment last year and even though i knew she was fine everytime i visited her over the week she was in hopital i would feel sick to my stomach as soon as i parked the car in the hospital carpark. We are hoping to start ttc this year and i am already looking into birthing centres/homebirths etc. I know that going into labour is going to be hard enough so i dont want to have to worry about doing it in a place that scares the c___p outta me.



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