DP Went Nuts When I Said U P Clomid

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lauren565 - April 8

hi there im currently ttc twins on u/p clomid too. Still awaiting my meds through the post from the USA - im in uk. Cant wait to start. Due af at end of month. Due to get clomid next week. Went to my Dr this morning and tried to get a prescription for it and he immediately said no. Then i said what about if i order it over the internet from america? His face dropped and he went balistic, saying do i want to kill myself? What a jack ass. I cant believe it. Still gonna do it.!! Anyone in uk on this forum that wants to give eachother support? xx What dose shall i start on 100 or 125 mg per day?????


lauren565 - April 8



Carolina73 - April 8

Wow. That's insane! If I were you, I would only do 100. I was debating between 50 and 100 and I decided on 100. But then again, it's a judgement call. I would research the drug as much as possible. Look up the FDA information on it, and then make an informed decision. You can also look up info on WebMD.



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