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Melissa - December 28

My doctor did an ultrasound in June 2005 and said I was 10 weeks pregnant. My due date was January 5, 2006. I had my baby December 12, 2005. Does that mean I was just early or does that mean my ultrasound was 3 weeks off? Is that possible! My doctor said that I conceived around the 13th of April 2005 and my last menstrual was March 31, 2005. Could it be possible to have conceived on the 18th of March 2005 and my last menstrual be on March 4, 2005?


Well - December 28

I would think that you had your baby at about 37 weeks along which is one week early from the average 38 weeks. That's just my guess though, as I would not think that a doctor would be three weeks off in calculations. Was your baby a premie or have any health difficulties from being born on the 12th as opposed to the 5th?


Melissa - December 29

My son weighed 6 lbs 2 oz when he was born. When we left the hospital 2 days later, he weighed 5 lbs 14 oz! He was perfectly healthy! Does that have anything to do with it though?


Jennifer - December 29

No babies always lose some birth weight when they leave the hospital...that is completly normal. In a couple more weeks (if feed enough) he should gain that weight back and then some


Well - December 29

Then I'd guess that he was born right about 37.5 weeks or so, which is perfectly fine. I beleive that when they do an u/s and determine the due date it's at 40 weeks and not everyone carries that long. Jennifer's right, most babies loose weight when they are born and then gain it right back plus some!! :o)


shayn - January 1

I have had a due date issue with my Dr from the get go According to a 7 week ultrasound the date is feb 11th 06 My lmp was 4-29-05 which would give me a due date of about 2-3/4-06 My 5 month ultrasound said 2-3 and according to baby's size 1-26 They will not induce until I am a week late which from the 11th is a big difference I am already said to be having a big baby and I dont want to have a c-section bc the baby is too big This is very frustrating to me and my bday is the 16th of feb and I want the baby to have its own day It was good to hear this story bc maybe I will go early..or right on time according to MY due date calculations Anyone else have this issue?


Vicki915 - January 11

I too am questioning my due date. Based on my LMP my due date should be March 23. I should be 29 weeks but the doctor said the baby's size puts me at 33 weeks. My doctor said that the baby is just a big boy, but I'm not too sure about that. What do you think?



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