Effects Of Adrenaline On The Baby

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Hannah - June 1

Just wondered if anyone knows anything about what affect too much adrenalin can have on the unborn baby. I suffer from anxiety and stress and feel like I have excess adrenalin all of the time. I constantly feel like I'm gearing up for a big event or something. The midwife told me that too much adrenalin can inhibit labour but it's something that's out of my control and even though I constantly try to calm myself down nothing seems to work. Anyone got any advice/suggestions?


amanda.d - June 1

Well I can't think that'd it be too bad as I am highly allergic to horse-fly bites and my doctor said he will have to give me shots of epenepherine (sp?) which is basically adreneline he told me. He also said that the baby would be fine with that...so hope this helps. :)


Audrea - June 1

I don't know about the body's adrenaline system, but I was given an overdose three times what I was supposed to be given during an allergic reaction and my baby is fine. The doctor actually said the epinephrine would not hurt the pregnancy.



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