Gestation Age

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Blessedmommy - June 29

Grandpa viv. I have a question for you. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago according to my lmp I should have been a little over 8 weeks. My lmp was April 25th. When I had my ultrasound at my apt 2 weeks ago the technician said my due date is Feb 5 2018 and that I'm def not as far along as thought and I was only 6 weeks and and 4 days. When i had asked  the technician said probably ovulated later. Anyways I had sex the 8th of may and 10th with someone. But mother days weeked I was with someone else. Ultrasound tech said I conceived anywhere between the 12th and the 20 of may. What are your thoughts on the dates I conceived? I'm trying to figure out the father


Grandpa Viv - June 29

BM, that's getting too close to call. An early ultrasound is accurate to a day or two and a Feb 5 due date ties in with ovulation May 12th. Evidently you were fixing to have a 35 day cycle. Sperm from 10th could have survived inside long enough to fertilize the egg, or the egg might have been a day or two late. I think a paternity test will be needed. 


Blessedmommy - June 30

Thank you. I ordered the prenatal dna test. So hopefully I'll have it done fairly soon. I'm hoping i got preg on the 12th and that it's the 2nd man's child  we shall see


Magdeline - July 25

Grandpa viv i have a question. I am confused too about the gestational and baby age. I came off the deop shot a couple of months ago and have been bleeding every 2 weeks. So i am not sure when my period was. I was given a pregnancy test on the 27th of june and it was negative. Then i took a pregnancy test the 14th of july it was positive. I had to go to the ER concerning the baby and a transvaginal ultrasound detected a heartbeat at 128 bpm. And the CRL was .62 cm. The doctor said i am 6 weeks and 3 days gestational age. When could i have concieved? I told them my last period could have been around may 23rd or June8th.


Grandpa Viv - July 26

Mag, gestational age counts from the supposed last period. Conception would have been at ovulation two weeks later. That looks like June 13th. Sex the weekend of the 11th could be responsible. 



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