Karen - May 19

I need to share this. I used these diapers with my daughter and then the place went out of business and now another company has bought the rights to sell them. They are a little more expensive than huggies, etc. They work out to 31 cents a diaper. They are biodegradable (the only ones out there that are). They are very absorbant and soft. I'm so excited about this. I assure you that I have NO affiliation with this company.


m - May 19

Where can you buy them?


Karen - May 19

right from that website - you have to buy a case (4 packages) but the price includes shipping :)


m - May 20

they sound interesting, but the website is so "plain". certainly isn't enticing me to order a case shipped in. Perhaps they need to get them into the stores, at least in your area to get their product going. The only thing making me curious to buy them is your email! ; ) Maybe they should publish lots of customer comments? Or offer free samples. I think I'll ask them to send me a couple. Thanks.


Karen - May 20

that's a good idea about the samples - I know what you mean about the site, but they just got started up again. It was a company from Norway that used to make them and now this company just took over. If you read the "About Us" section, I think they explain that they wish to be back in stores, but it takes time. I think they're banking on people who were old customers of the other company, but I do agree that customer comments would be helpful :)



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