Help Trying To Get Pregnant

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Maharet - September 7

My husband and I are trying to conceive. I just went off my birthcontrol about a month ago and we made love three times this past weekend and in positions that are helpful. Now, my period comes around the early to mid teens of the month and I've heard that its best to try and conceive a certain time before your period. Can anyone help me? I'm desperate. Our families went on a trip a year ago together and we couldnt go because of work. When they went, the car crashed and all but two died. There were five beautiful children and my mother and his. His mother and my niece survived. We will always be sad, but would like to bring some children and joy into our life again... please someone give me the best tips they have...


Stacy - September 7

Hi. From experience I just first want to mention I would suggest letting your cycle run it's course for a few months to get back on track after being on the pill. I was on the pill, got off of it before my husband and I were married in October ( ' 02), found out I was pregnant in December, had first ultra sound in Feb (' 03), baby's heart rate wasn't at the level it should have been. Ultimately I miscarried shortly thereafter. I have been told numerous times that if you get off the pill and become pregnant very soon after that miscarriages do happen quite often. After my miscarriage we tried for a year and two months and finally became pregnant (June 04). We now have a baby girl born in March ' 05 and suprise you get what you wish for I again am now 10 weeks preg! I decided in May ' 04 to start charting my basal body temp, because I felt it was taking forever to preg again and obviously it worked. I used a website called I literally gives you the green light when you should try. There are also message boards and chat. Good Luck!


Maharet - September 7

Thank you so much! But, how likely is it that I am pregnant? I guess I will only know if my period doesn't show up?



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