Andrea - April 20

My doc wants to do an ultrasound in four weeks because he says my uterus is measuring high. He said that my uterus seems to be the right size for a singleton pregnancy but it is just a little high. He said this after checking for the heartbeat. He spent 15 minutes trying to check right above my pubic bone and could not find anything. He did a pelvic exam and decided he needed to check higher. He then checked right under my naval and there it was loud and clear. I am currently 13.3 weeks along and will be 17.4 weeks during the ultrasound. I asked him if a high uterus could mean twins and he said we would not know anything until after the ultrasound. Has this ever happened to anyone and it turned out you were having twins? I a sked the same question in the twins forum but I don't think anyone is over there :o)


km - April 20

what would be concered high uterus? I just found out mine is 12 inches and the doc said on the next visit well fine out if i'm having twins or not?



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