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KellyB - May 19 2:46pm

I work with an Adeline. She pronounces it Ad-a-line

Mimi - May 19 3:58pm

My aunt's middle name is Adeline. It is pronounced Ad-ah-line. I too love this name.

Lynette - May 19 6:41pm

So, Kaz, when are you due? And where in Oz are you?

Kaz - May 19 6:50pm

Hi Lynette, I'm due 30th May. I live just SE of Brissie. Are you in Oz too?

Kaz - May 19 6:51pm

Ooops South West I meant.

Lynette - May 20 1:23am

Hee hee! I had you floating in Moreton Bay! Yes, I'm in Brisbane too :-) What a coincidence, eh? Not too many Aussies on this site. Good luck with your baby - not long now! I'm still ttc so send some baby dust just north-east of you. Take care! :-)

Jessica - May 20 1:34am

My sisters name is Madelyn, so it sounds more like lyn, sort of like lend except without the D.

Kaz - May 20 11:04pm

To Lynette, Ah G'day. Yeah it's no wonder this bub's breech, it's mother has no sense of direction either, lol. Sending all the Very Best for a 'BFP'. Take care.


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