Husband Smokes Marijuana

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dizzy - January 12

Does anyone know what effect a man's marijuana smoking would have on sperm? And how long would he have to stop smoking for before the sperm was back to normal?


Tracy88 - January 12

Normally it takes about 3 months for a man's sperm to regenerate and recoup from things done to the body. I'm not sure; however, how pot affects the sperm count. Hopefully someone who knows or has had experience with this can tell you. I can tell you that I have known many men who smoke voraciously, who had kids no problem, but everyone is different. What affects one person, does not affect another. Can this man you are talking about spend 100 dollars and get a sperm a___lysis at the hospital?


iampg - January 12

that's a good question. i heard that pot reduces potency - no pun! but that might be good for a guy with high testosterone (take his edge off) and bad for a guy with low testosterone.(he needs to pump up his edge) i know this is a controversial question that will come up for you - what do YOU think he's taking it for? (does he expect you to toke or put up with it?) you don't have to reply to that - just think about it.


Michell - January 12

I have a friend who smoked pot and her husband smoked a lot. THey started trying to get preggers right after their honeymoon and the first month...WHAMO! I can't tell you how the baby is because she is only 6 weeks. Sounds like it doesn't do much to slow those little spermies. Everyone is different but her husband smoked every day for a while, then went to every weekend when they got engaged. My advice is to get him to slow down, but keep trying all the while because there is sure to be one strong swimmer in all those millions of sperms. Good luck to you and your husband!!!


savy - January 12

My bf smokes too, and we I got preg. right away. I smoked a little before I got preg. too, so it's probably different for everyone. I have read that it does reduce potency as iampg wrote.


dizzy - January 13

thanks for all the feedback. To tracey i've never thought about doing a sperm anaysis and will find out - good idea! We live in South Africa guess it'l be more that R100! To iampg it's never been an issue before and isn't really now. We've been together for 6 years and i have kids from a previous marriage. We used to smoke together but i sort of lost interest and stopped ages ago. It doesnt' bother him either way and he puts no pressure on me. He does it because it's a habit and of course addicted. He is the one who would like to ttc and so i've said no prob but not while you're smoking - now it's up to him! He is fine with quitting, i just wanted to know if it would have long term affect on the sperm - he's been doing it for prob 15 years! I'm not as worried about the potency as i am about possible abnormalities. Don't know how long to wait after he has stopped to ttc but seems 3 mths safe time maybe


Tara B - January 13

My boyfriend smokes pot all day everyday. I am not sure how long it would take to get back to normal. We have been together for 6 years and he has two other kids before me and I am 27 weeks pregnant so far he hasn't had any sperm problems but if you want to talk about hacking up your lungs every morning and making you want to cry b/c it sounds like hes dying then I know all about that. Don;t get me wrong I love pot and sometimes I wish I can smoke. I smoke all the time before I found out I was pregnant (around 5 weeks) but wish there was a way to get him to slow down. This is like a luxery to him and to take it away from him...I don't know. He also smokes cigarettes yucky!


Tracy88 - January 13

Tara, your boyfriend is probably hacking up his lungs in the morning mostly from the cigarettes. I used to smoke both pot and cigarettes, then gave up pot when TTC, and still coughed up a storm every day until I quit smoking the cigarettes. I used to smoke pot every day all day also because I lived with Trini's and Jamaicans in college, and the only time I coughed was when I took a hit. Once cigarettes came into the mix, know, lungs came



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