Im Worry Because I Got A X Ray While Pregnant

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klanpedro - August 28

Im woory because i got a x-ray done and i didn't know i was pregnant. I was about two weeks pregnant. Could anything happen to the baby? Im scare...


tori205 - August 28

well...if it was only 2 weeks i think you are ok...also depends on what part of your body you were x-rayed...just to give you my situation 9 years ago, i didnt know i was pregnant until 3 days after my x-rays...i was involved in a car accident and had low back and pelvis the time i found out i was about 2-3 weeks preg during the x-ray! needless to say, i was very nervous as well...but my docs a__sured me all would be ok...but i had my pelvis and back ...just where the baby was located...anyways, she was born just perfect....Good Luck!!


Brooke235 - August 29

I got an x-ray done on my hips and i was actually almost 6 weeks pregnant and I am almost 22 weeks now and she is fine so far so I wouldn't worry about it too much


val_jo - August 29

I am an x-ray yech, and I can a__sure you that if you only had one x-ray study done during your pregnancy, your baby will be just fine. The maximum fetal dose throughout the entire pregnancy is 10rads. A chest x-ray, for instance, only produces 0.06rads. You are exposed to about 0.1 rads of natural radiation throughout your pregnancy, and I bet no one even thinks about that. The most critical time for radiation exposure to a fetus is between weeks 2 and 15. What area did you have imaged?? Were they able to shield you?? I work in it everyday, I have to wear a fetal monitor, and so far all is well. Just in the future, don't get any more films done unless you feel that they can't wait until after the pregnancy. Hope this will be just fine!!!!



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